The continuously changing dynamics of the job market and the emergence and disappearance of trends and technologies prompt us to adapt and adapt fast to the situation. The youth is not anymore afraid to go out of the box or to explore the unconventional career options. Every career path has its own advantages and disadvantages and one must pay heed to understand what works for him. All these words are expended supposing big data analytics to be something unconventional. If you oppose the notion that big data is not ‘mainstream’ yet, then you are doing the right thing.

We are nearing the turn of the decade and we can see quite clearly that big data is exercising a massive influence on all sorts of industries. Ignoring data analytics in 2017 is somewhat like repressing a lot of possibilities. It is not just a way for the e-commerce sites to expand and solidify their consumer base; that is just one of the innumerable possibilities of data analysis. Big data has changed healthcare, medication and care-giving forever. Various pieces of data about a person’s being can help anticipate a serious medical condition and give a chance to the caregivers to be proactive about it. Analysing general medical data of a large number of patients having the same medical condition can help draw patterns about a certain condition. And this is just an example of the manifold opportunities that big data analytics might create across industries around the world.

The lack of skilled analysts is one of the biggest problems currently faced by the data analytics industry as well as various other sectors that use analytics. The main reason behind this is the employers have a lot of expectation from the data analysts. All companies that invest on data analytics, especially startups are often sceptical about the results, mostly because the results are not immediate – this makes them cautious while hiring. Getting certified from a big data training institute definitely helps your cause as a candidate.

In a lot of jobs the roles of a data analyst, business analyst and a data miner are merged owing to inadequate funds. However holding such a job and doing it successfully for sometime enriches you with experience that can help you build your career. Big data has spread itself everywhere and it is important to consider your chances in the wildly expanding market of analytics jobs. Excellent Big data training institute have come a long way to support the industry with trained analysts. Get trained in Hadoop tools, learn languages like R and Python, learn to work with SAS and so on. There are ample scopes of improvement. All you need to do is enrol for a course and then use every opportunity to improve your skills.

The big data workforce in India is in the making. Owing to the considerable number of analytics academies the number of analyst is increasing but it might not be enough, it most likely will not be enough. More youngsters need to step up and make this opportunity theirs.