The gamers have been long waiting for a number of days regarding the upcoming games that are estimated to be launched in the second half of the year 2017. And there has been absolutely no lack of news and updates regarding the games. Even if there is not any official statement regarding the features and the new things which are going to come with the game there is no lack of reliable sources which speculates the changes or the new inputs that are going to be made in the upcoming game.

One such game is the FIFA 18. The gamers are quite keen to know the changes that will be brought in with the launch of the game. But the developers of the game Electronic Arts (EA) has stayed tight-lipped regarding that. But quite obviously there are a number of speculations which are making rounds among the fans regarding the features of FIFA 18. And one of the most common topics of discussion is the cover star of the game. There has been a number of suggestions which have provided a number of names and chances there that these players might be put up on the board for polling after which the eventual winner will feature on the cover of the game.

The most popular name has been Dele Alli. The English youngster has been simply outstanding for Tottenham Hotspur throughout the season and is nominated in the list of best young player of the season award from PFA. There is no reason that he won’t be there in the polling which will determine the cover star of the game FIFA 18.

Alongside Dele Alli, another player from the Premier League which has come up as a probable name for the cover star is N’Golo Kante. The French midfielder turned out to be a crucial member of the Leicester City squad which lifted the Premier League last season and this year he dominated the proceedings in favor of Chelsea. The result is clearly visible as Chelsea is knocking the doors and are not very far away from lifting the trophy.

Another name which certainly deserves to be in the race for the cover star of the game FIFA 18 is Toni Kroos. The German midfielder has been as accurate as ever with his passing. To be precise, he has got 93% of his passes right in the 10 matches he has played in the UEFA Champions League for Real Madrid. And it is understandable that Real Madrid is in the semifinals of the UCL 2017 and are looking good to reach the final once again.

Besides these three names, there are a number of rumors which have suggested different names as well. Possibilities are certainly there that other names might eventually be put up for the polling but these names have the bigger chance of making it to the cover of the game FIFA 18. And also, it depends on the consent of the developers in the end which keeps things in the balance at the moment. But definitely, things are getting exciting as we wait for the launch of FIFA 18 in the second half of the year 2017.