Common Shooting Mistakes that affect your Rifle Accuracy


Are you struggling with rifle shooting and blaming the rifle for it? Well, it might not be the fault of your rifle at all. Sometimes, there are setup errors or some mistake in the overall execution. Usually, there is a particular skill which is required for every kind of shooting. Rifle accuracy is not only about a good quality rifle, but it is about the consistency and getting rid of external influences, which tend to restrict the potential of the rifle.

Here are certain shooting mistakes that you need to avoid for improving your rifle accuracy:

  1. Improper way of mounting the Scope

If you mount the riflescope incorrectly, you will definitely miss targets. So, before you start shooting, you must know how to mount a scope. Why don’t you go through the instructions given in the manual once again and see whether you really know the right procedure or not?

If it turns out that you were not doing it correctly, you can always find videos and tutorials on many websites that of scope or gunsmith tool manufacturers. Start with rings and quality bases. After that, level the scope and the gun before securing it. You can use a torque wrench in order to tighten the screws according to the specifications given by the manufacturer.

  1. Inappropriate amount of Shoulder Pressure

There is nothing like the right amount of pressure. Shooters have their own individual amount of shoulder pressure that is most suitable for them and their guns. If you can calibrate it and give the same amount of pressure every single time, then you will get accurate shots. But, it is difficult to repeat heavy pressure in every shot. Experts usually advise you to have uniform shoulder pressure.

  1. Shooting in unsuitable Conditions

Shooting in bad weather conditions or inappropriate hours of the day may also affect your rifle accuracy. You must do your load testing and sighting early in the morning during normal, calm weathers. The temperature is the lowest during this hour of the day, and there should be no trace of a mirage.

  1. Unstable Position of the Gun

If your rifle is not in a steady position, it will surely not lead to accurate shots. It is always recommended that you use quality bipods in order to get consistency and hold your rifle steady while shooting. There are so many manufacturers these days who are offering best quality bipods for sale. Quickly search for your nearest bipod manufacturer and grab the most attractive deal as soon as possible.

  1. Incorrect Trigger Pulling

Although it is known as “pulling the trigger”, it is more like pressing the trigger. Do you heave and haul when you are asked to pull the trigger? Don’t worry. This is what most people do.

It takes years of practice to learn how to press the trigger, move it directly to the rear without disrupting the sight image. If you want to excel at this, try dry-fire practice or do live rounds. The aim is to pull the trigger in such a way that it has the least external influence on your rifle.

If you are not careful about these things, then you will hardly get an accurate shot ever. So, along with the quality of your gun, you must take note of the other factors which affect your shooting.

Author Bio: Edward L. Gonzalez writes blogs on rifle shooting. Here, he writes on certain mistakes one needs to avoid for improving rifle-accuracy like learning how to mount the scope or pull the trigger. You can also buy bipods for sale to make your rifles steady.