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On this date in 2015, 2016, as well as 2017, “Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day posted profiles of Susan Lynn, of the Tennessee House of Representatives, from District 11. We noted at the time that Susan Lynn has been a guest on Alex Jones’ spectacularly insane InfoWars radio show to declare that the state of Tennessee’s sovereignity has been unconstitutionally violated (the Supreme Court does not agree), and has repeatedly pushed for nullification legislation to assure that the state of the Tennessee does not follow the federal government. Lynn also has taken to the floor of the Tennessee House to try to put a prohibitive ban on the implantation of microchips into human beings, voicing concerns how such a practice could lead to someone being given “Satan’s Stamp”, aka the Mark of the Beast via such a procedure (seriously, she did that). Lynn has also voted to legalize carrying firearms in bars, enact stricter Voter ID laws, block the Medicaid Expansion, and bring back the electric chair as a possible method of execution. Right before we profiled her, she also made national headlines by submitting legislation to ban Muslim “no go zones” in the United States where people of other faiths outside of Islam are supposedly forbidden to pass… based on the Fox News narrative that such places exist in Paris or Dearborn, Michigan (they don’t, of course). In our first update on her, we added her vote for HB 615, the highly unconstitutional attempt by the Tennessee GOP to make The Bible the state book, and finally, her vote for HJR 529, a resolution to express their disagreement with the Supreme Court on the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling.

We’ll note that Susan Lynn has not calmed down much, as she has referred to transgenderism as “a mental disorder”, and has been distributing anti-Muslim propaganda DVDs with clever names like “AMERICA’S MOSQUES EXPOSED!” to fellow legislators over the past two years. Just this month, she co-sponsored legislation to recognize Jerusalem as the national capital of Israel, because apparently she’s looking to stir up that Holy War she’s been afraid of with Muslims for the past several years.

But while Lynn is up for re-election again in 2018, after last winning with 65% in 2016, she’s hardly letting the democratic process play out like a normal politician would. Instead, Susan Lynn decided to “tip off” the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and send them to raid the home of her 2018 opponent, Jeremy Hayes, accusing him of “living outside the district” and voting outside of the district. Hayes is only temporarily living with his grandmother, helping her as she’s been treating for stage 4 kidney failure, but hey, let’s just watch the GOP’s District Attorney General try and file search warrants and raid the homes of candidates running against their own party members. Nothing shady or fascist about that, right? This isn’t even a coincidence… Lynn ADMITTED she was the one who “informed” on him in a gutless move.

If there’s any justice at all in Tennessee, Susan Lynn is going to crash and burn out of office in November Read More on DAILYKOS.


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