Away From TV And SmartphonesParents these days are quite a worried lot. In fact, parents all over the world are facing this problem and want a quick solution. What is the problem? The problem is that, their kids’ excessive time-spending with electronic gadgets, be it TV, smartphone, video games, consoles and so on.

Parent fret and fume seeing their wards waste so much of their precious time glued to gadgets that may have some value but not without harms. Such kids often sit for hours watching their favourite cartoons, remain hooked to video games or play mobile games for inordinate amount of time.

Such fixated are kids with these gadgets most of them don’t prefer going outside. Some hate to visit park or play with friends outside. This way, a lot of social virtues are being missed. And this missing-out-on-so-many-things that makes parents worried.

Any solutions in sight? Yes, there are quite a few. As kids can’t be kept away from fun and games, why not divert their attention and introduce them to a different world of games? This may work wonders.

Here are some popular indoor games that might catch the attention of your kids:

Treasure hunt
Kids would surely love finding hidden objects! You can participate and play an important role, and can also fix some prizes to retain their attention. The best strategy would be to write some clues, let them hidden at different places in house and make your kids hunt for them.

Hot Potato
This game will surely keep your kids hooked for a few hours. All you have to do is, make them sit in a circle and engage in passing the potato or any other thing, around. Keep turning on & off the music to decide the winner.

Hide and Seek
This game has enthralled and delighted kids for who knows how many decades. It’s a must-have game as it is great fun to play, always. The real pleasure of this game is derived in the way kids try to hide, or try to seek those hidden. Let this game be played to keep your wards busy for hours.

Puzzles can be a wonderful game to try and expand your kids’ horizon. The best part about puzzles is their ability to stir their creative and cognitive skills. They also test on problem-solving skills. You can either get a puzzle bought or made on own.

Kids would surely love this game where they have to stand in a freeze position for a while. You can play the music and ask the kids to go dancing or swinging the body, and as the music stops, everyone has to freeze in precisely the way they were at the time when the music stopped.

You can plan a family outing and take your kids to a nearby park with trampolining. With spongy surfaces around, kids will go wild and do jumping, hopping, flying, flipping, leaping and bouncing off the ball. With no fears to either the body or limb, they can throw the body into the foam pit as and when they feel like. They can play basketball and dodgeball to have a great time.

In overall, there will be no dearth of entertainment options if you know what your kids like the most. A whole host of indoor activities are there to try which can keep your kids busy for hours. And then there is amazing fun from trampolining. So, you needn’t worry of your kids’ entertainment needs and rather try to plan a perfect weekend outing. If you can’t go outside, indoor games are always there to instil loads of virtues in them.