A golf rangefinder is the latest invention which avid golfers are raging about. For a unique and enhanced gaming experience, a golf rangefinder will change your game and the way you play. To be able to purchase the best golf rangefinder on the market then check out our guide below.


A golf rangefinder is designed to be accurate within a couple of feet at the most. If it isn’t accurate, then you most likely have purchased a defective rangefinder. Make sure you return it to the store you bought it from to get on that works. If you buy a smaller more lightweight model, you will find it to be more accurate when giving readings. This is because you can steady it easier and with just one hand.


Consider buying a rangefinder with the slope option. Most players never use this, but it is good to have it built in the rangefinder. Also, the best rangefinders have this extra feature. Slope measures the change in elevation between you and your target so you can play with precision. Note that this feature isn’t allowed in golf competitions and tournaments.

How Easy it is To Use

If you have used a rangefinder before then, even the most complicated models will be easy to use. Saying that if this a first time for you then choose something that is simple to use. Think about how easy it is to acquire the distance to the right target. Also, think about how easy it is to understand and read the reading. Choose ones with 7x magnification for easier use. Also, units with red numbers are a lot easier to read than other models. You can also purchase rangefinders which work in both dark and wet conditions.

Extra Features

If you want to invest in a top rangefinder that you will use for years to come, then think about one that has extra features built into it. Extra features may include PinSeeker, PinHunter and First Target Priority. These types of built-in technology systems allow the device to separate various objects in the background so you can get more accurate results. Some models also have sound and vibration when the closest target is locked onto the display. Another additional feature is scan mode which most newer models have. This means you hold down a button for a few seconds and the rangefinder will scan the targets and attempt to get the right one.

Choosing the Best Golf Rangefinder

Choosing the best golf rangefinder on the market at your budget can be hard. The most important things to think about are the points above. Always buy a brand which is well known and has good customer reviews. This will ensure you are getting a top-quality product. Consider rangefinders that have long warranties on them and most of all try them out before purchasing. These high-tech gadgets combine modern technology into a traditional game of golf, and after using one, you will never look back again. Shop around, get the best deal and have fun in the gaming zone!