The wonderful valley of Langtang, known as “The Valley of Glaciers”, lies just 19 miles north of Kathmandu, gushing inside itself wild and rough landscapes embellished with cerulean and cyan icy masses and great snow-clad mountains. Lying on the chest of tall emerald slopes with the scenery of Mount Langtang, Langtang Valley Trek is a magnificent visit bundle that incorporates charming goals all through the valley, steady streaming of joyful waterways and elated streams from the mountains, enormous tough rocks and steep stones, brilliant glades beautified like a Monet painting with white daisies, purple foxgloves, blossoming yellow snapdragons and dazzling efflorescent rhododendrons in pastels of splendid pink, white and ruby red. Langtang Valley likewise has its geography complimented with verdant jade-like meadows and chartreuse fields for yaks and stallions. Favored with a totally noteworthy scene, the valley is likewise a home to different uncommon types of flying creatures and creatures. Among all, the Red Panda is an interesting creature discovered just in this area of the nation.

Existing in the limits of Langtang National Park, the valley has its climatic zones going from subtropical to elevated. Langtang National Park, the primary Himalayan national stop of the nation, envelops the delightful peaceful Gosainkunda Lake inside its edge. The Holy Gosainkunda Lake is viewed as holy to the Hindus. With rich foliages of trees like pine, oak and maple, the national stop is an excellent forested real esatate, and sustains inside its woods different creatures like the Himalayan Black Bear, the Himalayan Thar and Rhesus monkeys, some of which you may experience on your trek as you stroll through the timberlands in the recreation center.

Langtang Valley is famous for its Cheese Factory and the quiet Kyanjin Gompa. The cheddar, produced using Yak’s drain, is basically heavenly and divine. You can have an interval on your trek and have an essence of the scrumptious cheddar here at the manufacturing plant, and if intrigued, possibly take a few squares of cheddar with you. Additionally, the visit to the Kyanjin Gompa, fills in as the social part of the voyage where you can get knowledge on the Tibetan affected Buddhist culture common in this district. Lion’s share of the general population in this district are Tamang, and you can get learning and data on the Tamang lifestyle in the valley amid the trek also. Finding out about the way of life and conventions of the nearby individuals is wisely fused inside the Langtang Valley Trek bundle.


Courageous tea house trek and climb along the lovely backwoods, waterway, waterfalls, valley, scenes and mountains.

Langtang area is well known for the Red Panda. (Opportunity to see Red Panda)

Climb to Tsergor-Ri (5,000m.) for awesome Mountain Views

Stunning perspectives of Ganjala Range, Dorje Lakpa Range, Khemjung Glacier

Visit Cheese plant and most established Buddhist religious community in Kyanjin Gompa.

Visit UNESCO social world legacy destinations in Kathmandu city.