The Langtang Valley is found just 30km north of Kathmandu and near the fringe of Tibet. This trek is a heavenly prologue to trekking in Nepal and our move of Yala Peak offers a magnificent prologue to mountaineering in the Himalayas, among the absolute most lovely view in the entire of Nepal. Subsequent to trekking up the Langtang Valley to our base at Yala, we have the chance to climb Yala Peak (5500m). The climb is clear being minimal more than a stroll up soak snow inclines of around 30 degrees. The view from the summit is stunning, heavenly mountain landscape of snow-topped pinnacles all around and sees crosswise over to the mountains of Tibet, including Shishapangma. Plunging from the upper Langtang Valley we remember our course back to Kathmandu.

Best Time

The Langtang district is taking care of business amid fall (mid Sept – mid Dec) and spring (March – May). Climate stays sunny and warm amid those circumstances with stunning perspectives of the mountains and amazing scenes. Be that as it may, evenings are still somewhat colder amid these seasons of the year! In case you’re a winter voyager then you may likewise need to trek amid December to February, as the residency additionally makes up a decent planning for trekking.

In any case, If you are thinking about trekking to the Langtang area, than we prescribe you to come amid harvest time and spring. On the off chance that you require any help then please don’t hesitate to send us an email; we’ll attempt our best to propose you the best trekking bundle remembering your wellbeing and spending plan.


The trek is evaluated as a direct trek. Not at all like simple treks, direct treks have longer strolls and higher heights. The course in a few places steeply rises or plunges. You will require a normal level of physical wellness to appreciate the trek.

Be that as it may, a direct trek doesn’t not require as much aptitude, information and experience as the strenuous ones. Regardless of the possibility that it is your first trekking background, Langtang can be a decent alternative to begin with. In the event that you are overweight or a senior national, enjoy enough rest and reprieve up the climb into short strolls.