13If you all have a desire to smell good all day long then this should not be inevitable as maintaining personal hygiene is good and recommended during summers. People can diminish the odours either by taking a bath twice a day or by applying Mist body spray which cannot be avoided until and unless you have a genuine reason for not using a body spray mist in the hot season. Now, having said this, it becomes really essential to know about few tips which can help you stay cool and refreshing in the summers and also let you know that how can you make the smell of the body spray mist last longer so that you can use easily socialize in the hot weather without worrying about smelling bad.

Take a Bath

Though Mist body spray is meant to give you a refreshing protection all 24hrs long, nothing lasts longer until you are doing the right ways to retain the fragrance of the body sprays. So the best way to beat the attacks of bacteria is to be punctual in taking the bath twice a day during the summers so that the bacterias can be killed and you stay fresh and cool. But one thing which is very important is that don’t use hot water for bathing, instead use cold or lukewarm water.


If you are really concerned about not making yourself sweaty and then resulting into smelling bad, then one of the most helpful remedies is to wear clothes which are not tight and helps the air to flow in and out. Wearing clothes which hinder the flow of air can make really irresistible to even do daily activities easily. So staying away from tight clothes or fabrics like polyester will surely foster your Mist body spray to last longer.

Spray at Appropriate Body Parts

Now, this is very important that how and where should you apply the body sprays as applying at specific areas of the body will result in giving you better results and thus allows the fragrance to last longer. The best parts where you can easily apply the sprays is your neck and wrist as these are the major pulse points which can enhance the longevity of the sprays.

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