The ideal turf shoes are soft and comfortable inside on the feet while hard and durable on the outside. Therefore these are the best shoes to be chosen for playing games and activities as well. For those who are looking for the shoes which last long, the turf shoes are the right choice for you. Buying real turf shoes is one thing and making most out of it is the other, that is why you must know how to keep your turf shoes clean and how can you make most out of it as well.

If you have bought a good pair of turf shoes, you can also prolong its life by applying following tips which will not only enhance its life but also helps you improve the performance of your shoes too.

1.    Clean your turf shoes and cleats correctly:

Do you remember cleaning your cleats against the wall when you were young? This might help you clean your cleats, but this is not the right way to do it. Therefore the cleats needed to be cleaned gently, the best time to clean your cleat is when it gets dirty, and the dirt is still wet. The cleats required to be cleaned with little water if the mud is too dried or you and also clean it with a brush which gently cleans away the mud and dirt from the turf shoes.

2.    Don’t soak your turf shoes:

When we hear about the athletes soaking and washing their turf shoes after every game, many of us might start to do the same. But soaking and washing your shoes with hot water might damage your shoes more than anything else. The leather of your turf shoes are not designed to be washed and soaked, again and again, also it might end up in losing the leather and joints of the shoes as well. The turf shoes will also expand after few attempts with water, and you will never get the perfect fit as it used to be therefore you should not soak your shoes and try to clean it with wet towel or brush on it.

3.    Polish is the key:

The polish will not only enhance the beauty of your turf shoes but also allow you to condition the leather of your shoes gently. So if you want to make your turf shoes better, clean it properly and after drying you can apply the leather softener cream which will prevent the dryness and crack of the leather.

4.    Avoid the heat:

The heat is one of the biggest enemies of your shoes, except for the field, try to protect your shoes from the excessive heat. Don’t place your shoes near the air dryers, heating vent, and direct sunlight before or after cleaning it. The heat will dry the leather of your shoes which will ruin your money and hard work too.

5.    Clean your turf shoes as soon as you can:

While playing on the wet grass particles of mud, concrete or any hard material can pile up in the stud of your shoes which becomes more difficult when dried therefore make sure that you can clean the studs and your shoes as soon your game is over to do it easily as well as it enhance the performance of the shoes at the same time.

6.    Let your turf shoes breathe:

When it comes to taking care of your turf shoes, you must keep in mind that the shoes can absorb bad smell after a tough workout or day in the field, that is why you should keep your shoes in a dry and open space where all the bad smell can escape quickly.

7.    Dry it out correctly:

The sweat and water, both are harmful to your shoes as well as feet. When the water or sweat is not dried up correctly, the chances of the bacterial growth increases in the shoes which end up damaging your feet too. Therefore dry up the water content of your shoes for a safe and healthier sports experience.

8.    Maintain the shape of your shoes, stuff it with the newspaper:

The shape of your expensive turf shoes can be damaged when left with other shoes in shoe rack that is why the shape of your shoes can affect too. Use old newspaper to stuff in your shoes which will not only soak up excessive water and smell but also helps retaining its perfect shape as well.

9.    Be gentle with your turf shoes:

It is a very helpful tip if you want to keep your shoes for a long term. You have to be gentle with your shoes as it required to be treated gently. When we think about the turf shoes, we always reflect on the vigorous and fierce shoes, and that is why these shoes are not taken seriously. If you want your turf shoes to last longer, you must treat it gently while cleaning and storing.

10.    Use professional turf shoes cleaner:

There are many products which are required for the turf shoes cleaning, these cleaners are not only hard on the dirt but soft on the leather too that is why to use professional turf shoe cleaners to make sure your shoes shine properly as well as the leather gets the moisturizing to keep the leather healthy.

I hope you liked this guide about turf shoes helpful. In case yes, and you want to the next step in purchasing one turn shoe, here’s the guide you ought to check.