Both Israel and India have agreed to cooperate in fight against terrorism, according to a joint statement issued by the prime ministers of both the countries on Wednesday. Addressing the join press conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is a on a three-day visit to Israel, thanked his counterpart for the warm words of welcome and invited him to India. Modi is the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel. The Prime Minister will leave for Germany from Israel on Thursday to attend the 12th edition of G20 summit there.

PM Modi in Israel LIVE updates:

7:21 pm: Isaac Herzog, Opposition leader meets PM Modi in Jerusalem

6:10 pm Two societies who consider themselves cradles of civilization have found a more contemporary basis for their relationship: S Jaishankar

6:05 pm: There was a broad agreement that the fight against terrorism won’t work if it’s very segmented & translated into narrow agendas: S Jaishankar

6:00 pm India’s Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar address media after joint statement by Modi and Netenyahu.

5:54 pm: “You can visit India anytime,will give you & your family long term visa”, says PM Modi to Moshe, 11-yr-old survivor of 26/11 attacks.

5:52 pm: Dear Mr Modi, I love you and your people in India says Moshe Holtzberg , now 11-year-old survivor of the 26/11 attacks

5:50 pm: PM Modi meets Moshe Holtzberg, a Eleven year old child who lost his parent in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. Moshe who was a toddler then, narrowly escaped death during the terror attack on Mumbai.

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