The sphere of video games has seen a number of innovative things getting incorporated in the recent past. And the way in which things are moving such innovations are expected to come in at a higher rate. More frequently new things are going to get incorporated in the upcoming days that will enhance the experience of gameplay. Mostly the video games belonging to the sports genre have undergone so many changes in the recent past and there is a huge list of games which has managed to grab the attention of the gamers in the recent past.

Among the games which have grabbed the attention of the gamers, we have NBA 2K18. The available editions of the game in the NBA franchise have really enthralled the gamers over the years, and it is believed there isn’t going to be an exception when NBA 2K18 comes out on the market. Now there is always a debate that goes on around in the market whenever a game like NBA 2K18 nears its launch, and that is about who is going to be the cover star of the game. This time around, there has been no exception as well, and there are already lots of suggestions coming in from reliable sources regarding who is going to feature on the cover of the game NBA 2K18.

The first name that has been suggested is Allen Iverson. In the recent past, Allan Iverson has been enshrined in the list of big names which belong to the Basketball Hall of Fame. After we have heard the emotional speech that he had given on the day the event was held, and it seems that Allen Iverson would really be a great choice for the developers of the game to have him as the cover star of the game NBA 2K18.

The second which has come up as far as the suggestions and predictions are concerned is Kyrie Irving. This is an interesting suggestion for his presence on the cover of the game will really be controversial for he has featured on the cover page of the game NBA Live 14 which has been regarded as the prime competitor of the games in NBA 2K series. However, it won’t be a bad choice for the developers of the game for his jersey is the fourth highest selling one on the NBA Store.

The third option that has come up is Russell Westbrook for he has been one of the most popular players among the fans. However, he is still in contract with the version of the game which is released by EA. So there are possibilities that NBA 2K18 might not feature him as the cover star, but then he would definitely make one of the better options for 2K Sports.

The two other options which have come up include Kawhi Leonard and James Harden. Chances are very high that he is going to be the cover star, but the chances of Kawhi Leonard can’t be wiped away completely. So there are a number of possibilities regarding the cover star of the game NBA 2K18 and with still a lot of time to go before the launch of the game further speculations are bound to come up regarding the cover star of NBA 2K18.