I love the Mypole automated selfie sticks. I take one with me whenever I go on a trip. And instead of getting critical glances like I thought we would, my friends and I were met with excited questions from curious observers. More often than not, people wanted to know where to get one so they, too, could capture precious moments, without flagging down strangers and imploring them to take the shot.

Sure, the MyPole automated selfie stick has been the trending gadget of this year. But when you’re thoughtful about how and where you use the tool, it is really a great way in capturing fond memories.
But if you think about it, how is using the selfie stick improving our lives? You and your friends don’t need to take pictures of each other alone when you are on vacation or outing, you can squeeze more people, and more of the background, into your shot.
How to Take a Great Selfie
What’s wrong with selfies? People have been taking self and group portraits since the first daguerreotypes became available in 1839. Smartphones and the MyPole selfie sticks make this process easier, but the concept has been around for 175 years.
We don’t have to waste time waiting around for a pleasant-looking person walking by to help take a portrait or worry about a stranger running off with our smartphones anymore.
When using the MyPole automated selfie stick, it gives you more imaginative liberty over what goes into our pictures, as you can see what the image looks like before clicking the button. This saves time, because you don’t have to review your photo and then reshoot if you don’t like the result.

And honorably, how much more of a hindrance is the selfie stick compared to a human photographer taking photos of another person? The selfie-stick users who get in our way are the very same people who ignorantly stand in the middle of the sidewalk, trying to snap a photo of the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center while busy onlookers try furiously to get around them.
The same common sense that applies to taking pictures anywhere applies to using the MyPole automated selfie stick. Be considerate of passersby, and be respectful of the time and place.