Music has perhaps become one of the most important requisites of a wide section of people today with YouTube being one of the largest music-listening platforms there is today. Millions of people tune into the popular website to binge on their favorite tracks as well as their music videos. Previously, when YouTube first came into being, there were constant questions on how to download videos from YouTube. Naturally, that was a time where 4G internet wasn’t prevalent and downloading YouTube videos weren’t possible for most. Now, with the site gaining mass popularity increasing by thousands of new users a day, SnapTube has become one application which will allow you to download YouTube content in both MP3 audio formats and MP4 video formats. Probably a solution to a lot of people’s questions. And the best part is, it is not JUST limited to YouTube but all other video-binging websites like facebook, instagram, metacafe, vine, dailymotion, liveleak, twitter, soundcloud and many more.

The certain aspects of the SnapTube application which makes it the ideal video downloading app is that it is incredibly lightweight. The app is small in size which makes it utilize a lesser amount of RAM making it optimal for the device in which it is installed. With no additional encoding space or plug-ins required, SnapTube allows you to download videos in a wide range of resolution formats ranging from 360p to the high-definition 1080p. Nowadays, all major activities which include music-binging and video watching are done on our smartphones and therefore the SnapTube App is downloadable on all major smartphone platforms including Android, iOS as well as Windows. The application has a user friendly cleanly designed interface which helps you navigate between your downloaded videos, watch them, delete them or archive them for the future. Also, finding your desired video using SnapTube is again another one of its USPs as you only need to type in your keywords for the video and the search options will direct you to the your desired clip. Unlike most apps, SnapTube doesn’t have very fast internet connection as a requisite with the application more than optimal with moderate internet speed working flawlessly.

Another one of SnapTube’s major uses the ability to convert online videos into audio mp3 files and store it in your device. This is one incredibly convenient feature for the on-the-go music lover as watching videos is not always feasible for a working individual and downloading MP3 files of your favorite songs might just fulfill your need for music either way. Considering the fact that SnapTube does not have its own music player, the application downloads the mp3 file in the device folder making it accessible to the default music player in your device.

SnapTube allows you to manage all of your video downloads in one place and completely frees you from the hassle of unwanted ads in the midst of your binging process. Already preferred by thousands spanning the world, this video and music downloading application has already become one of the most popular applications today and on account of everything its offering, it is quite well deserved.