Now that you have planned for a trip to the destination you have always wanted to go to, there are some basics you need to take with you in order to make the trip as fun as possible. The last thing you want is to travel to your favorite destination to only have not prepared well for it. Running around last minute finding the basic essentials can be troublesome for not just you but also for your companions. So if you have got your passport and tickets already and have you’re itinerary all planned out, sit down and make a list of the basics you will need to carry with you. Don’t assume you won’t need something and don’t expect to find some of the things at your destination. By making sure you carry all that you need, you can be certain that you will be relaxed and have a good time on your trip.

image source: pixabay

Medications and Vaccinations

When one is going on African safaris, it will be a normal occurrence that every traveler is advised to take some preventive medications or shots. Especially when one may be passing through some areas where they have the tendency to get bitten by some mosquitoes or other insects. In such instances make sure you do the needful and visit your local medical practitioner and get all your shots. This way you won’t have to worry about any flue or ailment during your travel. There are certain shots that have to be taken a few months before your travel date, so make sure you plan ahead of time for such trips and get the necessary medications.

Prepare For the Outdoors

You will be spending most of your time outdoors, especially in the day time. It is a must that you pack a good pair of sunglasses and perhaps takes an extra one to be on the safe side in case you break or lose one. The shades have to be able to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. Carry binoculars and a good quality camera and some extra lenses. For the safari itself, you will need to have lenses that have the ability to cover long range so that you will be able to capture the animals that are at quite a distance. Carry wide brimmed hats and scarfs to keep your head cool during the hot days. Make sure the clothing you carry are cotton and light in colours. This way you will feel much cooler. The materials have to be the breathable type that can quickly wick away the sweat from and body and help you dry off thus cooling you down further. For the safari, it is best to wear colors recommended by the tour guide or organizers. Wearing bright color can distract and frighten the animals. You need to be inconspicuous so as to have a good time while you are out on the track.

Other Necessities

You will need to carry a notebook for any writing that you wish to make, a torch light, and emergency lamps. You will also need insect repellents and after sun care lotions to help you cool off after the day out.