The most popular category of apps by far on the Apple App Store was games according to the Statista report.  Games and apps for kids are also hugely in demand at Google Play Store.  Learning processes are becoming more sophisticated than ever before with the advancement of education technology so teachers and parents usually recommend the use of mobile educational apps and games for children. There are lots of mobile educational apps/games for kids on iOS and Android stores. The great thing is that we can download and these apps on our computers just like we use whatsapp for PC. Here are the 5 educational apps/games for kids which are the best according to me.

Top 5 Mobile Educational Apps for Kids

  1. DragonBox Algebra 5+

As the name clearly shows what type of app it is. DragonBox Algebra 5+ is the best app for kids to learn mathematics easily in a fun way as most of the children are terrified of mathematics. It is available for iOS, Windows and Android smart phones. Kids have to balance the mathematical equations to progress, as it becomes difficult and challenging as you proceed. The best thing about DragonBox Algebra is that it bolsters the critical thinking capacity of kids and their problem solving skills.

  1. Disney Story Central

We know that it is great thing for kids to develop healthy reading habits and it becomes very easy to do with cute little Disney characters.  These cute characters capture the attention of little ones easily. Large stack of eBooks is offered by this artistically created iphone/ipad story telling app. It also includes some gaming fun as reader’s bookworm winning trophies and rewards. This app has an excellent voice narration feature and it also gives recommendations for custom books.

  1. Kids ABC Letters

Kids ABC Letters is an excellent alphabet learning app for children. Kids enjoy recognizing English alphabets with this app as it makes this a fun for them. Two alternative ways are used to teach kids- they can either join puzzle pieces to create the shape of an alphabet or they can see and learn alphabets by using them in different words. It is an amazing app for kids to learn English alphabets.

  1. Kids Tiles

It is another enthralling mobile application that helps children to get aware with shapes and images of whole lot of things including gadgets, vehicles, animals, human body parts and even colors. The gameplay is very easy an attractive as the child has to tap the correct picture following the instructions given on the screen. The game offers three different gameplays (‘Rise’, ‘Sink’, ‘Play & Rise’. The purpose of the game is to prevent the pictures from reaching other end of the screen by tapping correctly. It is a good app for learning while playing.

  1. Handwriting without Tears

Handwriting without Tears is a follow-up of incredibly popular handwriting game having the same name.  Kids can easily learn how to write English alphabets in a simplest possible manner. The developers of this amazing app have created a virtual board on the app, on which learners (kids) can write the letters with their virtual chalks. The kids are guided through detailed voice and visual instructions to trace the letters thrice. A cool letter card as reward is generated after successfully completing a letter thrice.

These are some cool learning apps for kids.

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