If you are used to walking and running, having the right pair of shoes is absolutely important. Equally important is to ensure that these shoes have quality insoles as these are designed to reduce the risk of injuries while at the same time keeping your feet comfortable. It is important to always consider insole replacement after some time especially when you realize that the older ones are wearing our and making your walking and running a little bit uncomfortable. In so doing, you will be giving your feet some added arch support and avoid injuries on your feet. Here are top four shoe insoles you should consider for walking and running: –

CurrexSole RunPro

Although using these insoles won’t turn you into the next David Rudisha, you will appreciate the level of comfort they offer to you while walking or running. These insoles have deep heel cups which set them apart and these are amazing as they collect the natural cushioning of the users’ feet.  The RunPro insoles also offer amazing breathability. Basically, these shoe insoles are constructed with two different types of padded materials. According to CurrexSole, the material used under the forefoot will help in bounce back and return energy to the ground in a more efficient way.

On the other hand, the heel section has a more padded material that helps absorb the effects of heel strikers. The insoles aren’t overly soft but tests have shown them to be comfortable. It has better breathability owing to the perforated and dimpled design.

Superfeet Green

This insole makes it to the list thanks to its perfect balance between cushion and support. It also offers a comfortable fit and versatility thus making it a great choice for different activities and shoe styles. The insole’s stability is provided by the arch support and deep heel cup designed inside the polypropylene polymer casing. When using this insole, both your feet and the fat pad at the bottom will be positioned rightly by the deep heel cup thus maximizing the body’s actual form of padding. The foot is also help in a supported, upright position by the plastic shell which is designed with an arch to achieve this.

Superfeet Carbon

This insole is both thinner and lightweight thus making it suitable for different types of shoes. It has great breathability without compromising the wearers’ support or comfort. The shallower heel cup and the arch support are constructed using a combination of polymer and carbon fiber which helps it retain support and strength. It also has a standard antimicrobial layer which is effective in preventing odors. It also has a perforated carbon top cover which enhances ventilation.

Spenco® Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles

These are also unique replacement insoles for running and walking as they have great forefoot cushioning and heel strike energy bounce which supports advanced comfort and lasting performance. The insole is designed to offer perfect shock absorption, reduce friction and re-energize the wearers’ feet. It has superior cushioning in the forefront and heel strike areas to help protect the foot while running or walking.

While these insoles could vary in pricing, the truth of the matter is that they have an amazing rating from users and do guarantee superior performance at all times. They are durable and reliable.