The new age information technology has changed the perspective of education. Teachers are no more relying on the conventional method of imparting education to the students. They have to keep pace with time and ensure a learning environment for students which complements with the latest technology.

Teachers are the custodian of society entrusted with spreading knowledge and education amongst the future generation. They need to keep pace with the evolving generation and make learning an enjoyable experience. Teachers learning resources are the tools to meet the specific demands of the teachers.

Today’s generation is gadget freak generation. They understand things easily by way of digital learning. The responsibility of teachers increase manifold as they are not just entrusted with teaching a lesson to the child, but they are also entrusted with the responsibility of creating an environment where a child generates curiosity to learn. This type of learning enables a person to continue learning in every sphere of life. A teacher needs to take resort of many learning resources to keep up with the information age


E-books are a teacher’s best friend. They make the information related to the study material available at the click of a finger. E-books are not just books anymore. They have interactive tools such as audiovisuals, animations, slide shows, supportive audios for a material etc. to make the study, light and interesting. Further, the e-books are equipped with quizzes related to topics which help the teachers to appraise the performance of students.

Websites and Apps

Various training programs such as Cambridge teacher training have a digital comprehensive solution for imparting education. These programs use graphic user interface and can be accessed from anywhere. They are available on android, iOs, windows etc. Teachers can connect with their students through these programs and share the notes. They can even forward links and extra study based research for students through these programs. This helps the teachers in the performance appraisal of students and also conduct customized online quizzes for them.

Online courses and educator’s workshops

There are many online courses available to enable the teachers to know all about the recent changes and developments. The various research and their impact on current studies are available for the teachers through these online courses. Educator’s workshops are conducted to teach the educator. These workshops help the teachers to understand the behavioral patterns of students and observe their students accordingly.

Combined digital learning

Cambridge teacher training program has a comprehensive combination learning solution for the teachers. It integrates the digital and classroom learning in an effective and efficient way. Such programs act as teacher’s assistant. As a teacher, it helps you plan the academic year. It keeps track of your schedule of assignments and appraisals. Not only does it track the performance of each student, it lets you design a customized assessment for individual students based on their capabilities. It ensures the optimum utilization of technology in classrooms.

DVDs, CDs, and activity based labs

With the revolution of smart boards in every classroom, teachers can now show videos, educational and informational DVDs and CDs to students in the class. With the audio-visual way of teaching, teachers are more equipped with information related to any topic as these DVDs etc. are equipped with complete information of the relevant topic with extra references. This helps in students having a better understanding of the topic and knowledge.

For any teacher, these guided materials are very helpful as they help to create a learning environment for the students. More than that, it helps to generate that curiosity in the students which helps them to be hungry for knowledge. This type of learning takes the students far in their help.