What Is WordPress?


You’ve probably been hearing a lot positive comment about WordPress. So, what is WordPress? And why you should use WordPress? WordPress is world’s most popular web publishing tool you can use to create your own dynamic website or blog. It is even used to create an online store using some WordPress plugins. As of July 2016 over 26% of the internet covered with 1 billion sites. And making the WordPress most popular blogging software in the world.

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Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little are the co-founder of WordPress and launching it in May 2003. WordPress was developed as a blogging software but now it has evolved into a CMS, And it’s software script built on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is an open-source community that implies thousands of people from all over the world work on it and constantly creating and improving the code for the WordPress software. Many people still misunderstand it just as a blogging platform. But WordPress is far more than blogs.

WordPress is Free

WordPress is a completely free and open source software. Because WordPress is licensed under GPLv2 which lists terms and conditions for free download, copying, modifying and distributing software. The big advantage of WordPress is for create website you don’t need any coding knowledge and no designing skills. If you are facing any problems or if you want to add any custom features, there are thousands of WordPress developers available who can help you. Also, WordPress Forum is one of the places for ask any questions regarding WordPress. Also, you can make money by providing WordPress technical support.

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WordPress is a Content Management System

WordPress is considered as the simple and most popular content management system (CMS) with powerful capabilities. A content management system is an application that provides you the ability to publish, modify, edit, maintain, organize and delete content from a blog or website. It evolved a full content management system with widgets, plugins and easily customizable themes. CMS allows you to build and manage your website or blog using your web browser. CMS is a platform for managing all of your website content, blog posts, images, text, video and links. And WordPress storing it all in a remote database.

Is WordPress Right For You?

If you want to create your own full featured website or blog without any coding knowledge like HTML, PHP etc then WordPress is best for you. Because there are thousands of plugins and free themes available that allow you to build your website with an awesome design. Also, people are regularly creating new WordPress plugins, themes and offering free support.

WordPress.org is the self-hosted version. If you want to run your WordPress website or blog on your own web hosting account then you go with WordPress.org. With self-hosted version, you can host your website anywhere or anytime move your site to another hosting service. WordPress.com is the hosted version. If you want to run your website on official WordPress server then you go with WordPress.com. There are a few limitations to using WordPress.com is don’t allow you to access all of the thousands of free themes and plugins that area available on the internet. Yes, you get a free blog but the features are limited and less flexible than WordPress.org.