Informal essays fall within the domain of academic writing or assignments. They demand a degree of liberty being adhered to while keeping the topic as well language relevant and compelling. While writing an informal essay, different styles can be adopted, such as comparison, persuasive, argumentative, contrast etc. An informal essay would allow the writer to exhibit his own style, language skill and sensibilities as well the points which he or she would like to highlight. However, the writer has to take care to organize the points properly, so as to keep the reader glued.

Will C. Wood ninth-grader April Cocuzza raises her hand during a class at the Solano Community CollegeÕs Vacaville Center. (Robinson Kuntz/Daily Republic)

Choose the Topic Carefully

The first step to ensure a quality informal essay is to choose a proper topic. The topic should be relevant, thought provoking as well as interesting. The writer must keep in mind about the tastes and interests of his target readers. The topic should be able to grab the attention of the readers, so that they go through the essay in its entirety.

Prepare an Outline

Once a relevant topic has been chosen, the writer needs to prepare the outline of the essay. He or she has to collect the basis information or date about the topic which is to be elucidated. This process of preparing the outline and plot of the essay is quite important, as it will help to maintain the structure of the essay. The writer needs to document the central points, information, questions as well as abstract arguments which will be needed to present the essay in its full form. Once these points have been outlined, the writer will find it much to write the essay in a structured manner.

Create a Proper Introduction and Middle Part

The introduction to an essay is of immense importance. The introduction should provide an inkling to the readers, making them willing to read the main parts of the essay and understand its context as well as arguments. The main part of the body is used to describe the points in detail and put forth the arguments properly. While writing an informal essay in USA, the writer should espouse his thoughts and arguments in a systematic manner. That being said, he or she should take care to refrain from putting across negative thoughts or emotions, losing his intended reader in the process.

Keep the Words Lights and Informal

The language should represent the mood of the essay. It should easy on eyes and the mind, lucid, informal and free of convoluted word patterns. The writer may use colloquial language, keeping in mind the tone of the essay.

Write an effective Conclusion

The essay should be concluded in a refreshing yet efficient manner. Care should be taken to summarize the main points or arguments of the essay.

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