If you want to start out on gardening or even if you already are a seasoned plant lover, then you need to prepare adequately for the upcoming spring. Preparation goes far beyond deciding what you are going to plant, and it entails the tools that you will use to make your gardening successful. It goes without saying that there are a few tools that you need to purchase to ensure that you have the best garden possible. Let’s see a short list with must-have tools for your beloved garden.


This amazing tool is a pointed hand shovel tool that is really useful when digging small holes and when you want to break up dirt. Ensure that the piece you choose is stable with a comfortable handle, not forgetting that it should be light enough for you. It’s cheap, easy to store and you never know when you might need it – that’s because a trowel is so versatile.

Nut Gatherer

A nut gatherer is a lesser known item for many, but it’s an easy-to-use rolling pick up tool for nuts and many more. It picks up acorns, butternuts, chestnuts, seeds, pecans, walnuts, hickory nuts and more. Why this one? Saves time. No bending over. Easy to roll. If you’re having trouble with small pine cones, reusable paintballs, debris, seed heads, this is the tool for you and it shouldn’t miss from your garden. Pecan gatherers are usually hard to find, but this one replaces that and helps you with other seeds and nuts as well.

Hand Rake

A rake is an important tool for gathering up leaves and other unwanted materials and debris in the garden. It is also useful when breaking up and turning the soil for good aeration. The hand rake should either be made of stainless steel or aluminum with a wooden handle for improved comfort. This is definitely a must-have in a garden.

Modern Shovel

Technology sometimes makes things too complicated. The emergence of various pieces of equipments doesn’t always save time and effort. Gardening tools have improved only by the simple use of more durable materials for too long, and when technology came in the recent decades, it didn’t do much. Gardeners want simple choices, and the Broadfork hand tiller is an incredible replacement for the standard shovel. No need to load on your arms and back, as the special mechanism will save both time and energy.


There are many kinds of shears for cutting different kinds of plants. Small shears are necessary for pruning small plants and harvesting, while the larger ones are used for cutting large branches during maintenance. Getting the correct kind of shears for your garden is important for optimal use.


These are extremely necessary when you are first preparing your garden as you will need to do a lot of clearing and moving. It makes work very easy as you will not need to go back and forth so much since it eases this. Loppers are a must-have because you need it to cut through branches that you would not be able to cut with classic loppers. It should be made of hardened steel in order to cut dramatically easier.


This is a good tool if you have land that has never been used for gardening before, as it will come in handy when breaking up the coarse soil and debris. It also comes in handy in soil that tends to hold together too much.

Do not feel pressured to buy all the above tools at once if you cannot afford it, identify a couple of them that are extremely good to start with, then build your tool box from there. Remember that it is almost impossible to go wrong with the right tools in hand. Achieve more and maximize the results you get with your garden by knowing how to work smarter.