• Range expanders or WiFi boosters enhance the range and coverage area of existing network connection. In case your house is too big for router, you should opt for Netgear range extenders. The market is full of such devices such as Netgear n300 and others. Though it makes it easy to purchase a device, at the same time it makes people confused about what to choose for them. In order to help you out, we have curated a list of 5 best Netgear extenders to ensure fast WiFi speed. But before proceeding further, let’s learn a little more about expanders.


  • What does a wireless booster do?
  • Intent expanders make a connection with your modem or router and then extend that signal to each and every device of yours. Thus, you can enjoy seamless WiFi connectivity.
  • Below is the complete guide of amazing extenders to help you decide on which one is the best for you. Read on.
  1. Netgear n300
  • N300 is one of the best devices that keeps all your wired or wireless gadgets connected with each other. It is easy-to-install and compact tool which creates new WiFi connectivity for Blu-ray player, smart TV or gaming consoles. Given that it is intended for a 300Mbps network, so it gets this name.
  • Equipped with two external antennas, this provides you a better coverage area. Plus, it comes with smart LED indicators helping you find appropriate location for optimal Internet range.
  • What’s more, it is compatible with any router whether it’s b, g or n. It includes a push ‘N’ connect that allows users to connect their smart gadgets to extender in a quick and secure manner.
  1. Netgear ex6150
  • The company has put its robust expertise to fantastic use with its ex6150. What makes it unique is that you can directly insert its wire into a wall plug. The device comes with simple and quick installation.
  • For connectivity purposes, it contains one Gigabit Ethernet port. The supported frequency bands are 802.11ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It makes ex6150 ideal for larger homes which need Internet speed up to 1200Mbps.
  • The tool carries external antennas that provide improved speed. Moreover, it supports any router whether it is Linksys or D-link.
  1. Netgear ac1200
  • The next one in our list is ac1200. It is capable of making dual-band which offers speed up to 1200Mbps. Power-packed with umpteen of additional features, it provides fast connectivity.
  • The device includes useful tracking features which let you check signal strength. Bonus, users can determine channel interference to identify any serious issue. It gives you the ability to connect up to five wired devices via its Ethernet ports.
  1. Netgear ex6100
  • This device helps you optimize your current network connection and widen it to hard-to-reach places. It delivers fast and reliable Internet speed for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and much more using AC WiFi technology.
  • What’s more, it contains an Ethernet port that offers connectivity to wired device such as game consoles, streaming players, Blu-ray players, and others.
  1. Netgear ex2700
  • Last but not the least, ex200 is a useful device to get rid of dead zones. It can provide you WiFi speed up to 300Mbps. This is compatible with all major WiFi standards.
  • Furthermore, its convenient wall-plug design makes it easy to set up and install. You can take help of LED lights to find an appropriate place for your device.
  • That’s all. What is your pick? Don’t forget to share your views with us via the comments section below.