Practicing psychologists have professional training and clinical skills that help us in learning to effectively face the problems of life and mental health. Psychologists help us by using a wide range of techniques based on the best scientific research available, and that consider the values, characteristics, objectives and circumstances of each person.


What Do They Do?

Psychologists help a wide variety of patients and can treat many types of problems. Some people consult a psychologist because they have felt depressed, angry or anxious for a long time. Others, because they want help with a chronic disorder that interferes with their lives or their physical health. On the other hand, others turn to the psychologist because they experience problems in the short term that they wish to resolve such as feeling over whelmed by a new job, or they are affected by the death of a relative. Psychologists also help us cope with stressful situations, to cure addictions, to control chronic diseases and eliminate the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our objectives.

How They Help Us?

Richard Lipman psychologist uses a wide variety of evidence-based treatments that help us improve our lives. They usually resort to therapy (often referred to as “psychotherapy” or “talk therapy”). Although there are different styles of therapy, the psychologist will choose the type that solves the patient’s problem more effectively, and corresponds better with their characteristics and preferences.

Therapy can be applied to a single person, as well as to couples, families or other groups. Some psychologists are trained to use hypnosis, which, according to several studies, is effective for the treatment of numerous disorders such as pain, anxiety and mood disorders.

In some disorders, therapy and medications make up a more successful treatment combination. On the other hand, in the cases of people who benefit more from medicines, psychologists collaborate with general practitioners, pediatricians’ and psychiatrists in the creation of general treatment.

Where Do They Work?

Many psychologists have private consultations or work with a group of psychologists or health care providers. They also work in private and government hospital. Also an experience Psychologists can start his work


How to Choose?

Check the recommendation of other users and choose the most appropriate option for your needs. If you are in a remote location, with little or no access to psychology services, you can also opt for the virtual office. In this mode it is possible to talk with a Richard Lipman psychologist through video conference calls, any day, place and time. This service has been widely used by Brazilians who are expatriates and have difficulty receiving guidance from a psychologist in a language other than their mother tongue.

It is very common to select someone close to you, like a co-worker or known to the profession. However, this is not a rule and is not always the best way. In general, it is worthwhile to seek someone completely distant from your life, so that it is easier to deal with the issues.