Choose the Most Professional HIV PEP in Singapore


HIV PEP SingaporeHIV PEP Singapore¬† is a medical procedure which helps to reduce a person from getting HIV infection if they have been exposed to a threat, within 72 hours. They mostly don’t by people who have seen problems like, exchanging fluids with an HIV infected person or having sexually active unknowingly. People who have also been intimate with someone who has HIV and has experienced the condom to break etc. also opts for this treatment.

HIV PEP the short form for HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis is a treatment which doctors recommend to start as soon as the high-risk individual can, before 72 hours for it to work well. Like with every other kind of disease, the faster one gets it checked and keeps it under balances, the easier it is to eradicate the problem and fix it.

If one who is exposed to HI does not get a recommendation within 72 hours, they need to undergo a step by step risk evaluation procedure to claim whether they have been affected by it or not.

The tests which usually follow before taking the pep test are Baseline HV test, liver and renal tests and full blood count tests. This is done to foresee if there are any other problems that might hinder the effectiveness of the test.

Singapore, being the massive cultural hub of a city that it is, has very safe and reliable clinics which help you to get this procedure. Eylonclinic in Singapore is also one of the many who offers tests and treatments for HIV PEP. They have a range of procedure to choose from which can be determined after the initial consultation by the consulting doctor.

The total charges for this procedure are estimated to be around $2000 in Singaporean Dollars, which includes all consultations, tests, and charges, including Goods and Services Tax.

You can book an appointment immediately by logging into the website of the hospital of your choice, and register online. If there is a very high risk you can go through their emergency registering procedure if they have any.

HIV can be a serious problem if not checked and regulated before it impacts itself on your body, it is best to remain safe and sure.