Dry socket is also known as alveolar osteitis is a pain at the alveolar that occurs after extracting adult tooth in some cases. It happens when the blood coagulates at the alveolar extracting site and these clots develop unsuccessfully because it fades away before the wound has removed. At the normal condition, a blood coagulation will be created at the location of the tooth extraction. It works as the protection for the bone and the nerve endings which are lying underneath the socket, and also supports the developments of the new bone and the soft tissue, too. That is the reason why the early dislodge clot makes extreme pain and inflammation at the socket and it easily develops into dry socket.

If you have any pain 2- 3 days after tooth extraction, it may be the early symptom of dry socket. Other symptoms include uncover bone under the gum which is sensitive touching; swollen, pain and inflamed soft tissue; spread pain from the dry socket to other parts of the face that is near the tooth removed site, bad breath, loss of appetite, swelling of the lymph nodes or not and a slight fever.

Here are some top of home remedies to treat dry socket that you should not ignore.

  1. Keep the mouth clean.

Clean the mouth at least twice daily is the simplest way to deal with dry socket and also to reduce the risks of other tooth problems. Brush your tooth in the morning, in the evening and moreover after your meal with special toothpaste to make sure all the food debris are removed. In addition, rinse your mouth with some mouthwash to get better results.

  1. Clove essential

Clove essential oil is beneficial for dry socket treatment. It works as a traditional painkiller that helps reduce extreme pain of the bone, gum and face. It has a mechanics barrier effect to separate between the bone, the nerve ending and the socket’s outside environment.

Rinse your mouth first with warm water or normal saline water, then wet the cotton pad with clove essential oil and put it to the affected tooth. Let it there for 5 minutes and remove, gargle your mouth again with warm water.repeat it twice daily in a few weeks.

  1. Compress with cold water

Cold sensation has great effect on reducing pain specially with the nerve endings pain. Moreover, it is one of the simplest and natural remedy to deal with dry socket.

Clean your mouth with normal saline water, soak a cotton pad in cold water, squeeze it to eliminate extra water then place it over the dry socket. Keep it for 10- 15 minutes and soak again whenever it cool down. Do this remedy 3- 4 times per day in 2 weeks or until the pain disappears.

  1. Tea tree essential

The anti- inflammation and antiseptic effects of tea tree essential oil have been well know for a long time ago that it can work effectively on curing alveolar osteitis.

Clean your mouth with warm water or even normal saline water, wet the cotton pad with 2- 3 drops of tea tree essential oil then place the wet area to the socket.  Hold it there for 5- 10 minutes and then remove it, rinse your mouth again with warm water. Do this process twice daily in 2- 3 weeks to get better results.

  1. Yogurt and other probiotic products

Probiotic products with the present of lactobacilli species, are helpful for oral problems and also enhance digested process. Consume this natural antibiotic is other easy way to release dry socket.

Eat 2- 3 cups of yoghurt or 2- 3 bottles of drinking yoghurt per day in 2 weeks is beneficial for increasing your immune system. Therefore, it relieve the inflammation process of alveolar osteitis.

  1. Turmeric powder

Turmeric works effectively as a pain killer, helps reduce the inflamed process, and also promote healing process.

Add 1 teaspoon of tumeric with enough water to make a paste. Gargle your mouth with warm water then apply this paste to the tooth extracting, let it there for 10- 15 minutes, remove it and rinse your mouth again with warm water. Do this remedy 2 times daily in a few weeks.

In addition, make a turmeric solution by mixing 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder with a cup of warm water rinse your mouth twice daily with this mixture. Other choice is drink this solution 2- 3 times per day. Repeat it until you feel no pain.

  1. Tobacco restriction

Tobacco and other smoking products contain many harmful substances and toxins, therefore it prevents the healing process lead to high risk of dry socket. Moreover, smoking or chewing tobacco products prones to peel the coagulated blood off which is one reason of dry socket. So it is necessary to give up smoking completely since a few weeks before extracting your tooth.

Hope you like the post I have been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember.