Washington / San Francisco: On Wednesday, Facebook Invo Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg told the organizers that he had a lot of information about 87 million or his Facebook clients who had defiled political advisory Cambridge Analyzerica.

However, because of security embarrassment in the Congress’s individual online networking system, there is not enough control over its information on Facebook.

“Every time a Facebook is part of something … there is a control. In this place, this setting is not included in some places, but also in this place.” 33-year-old Web Finance told US agent’s status and business consulting group.

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Instead of a standard lion, wearing a slow suit and from it, in two days, is the second part of Zakirberber. On Tuesday, he tried to try Congress by helping US aid a new warranty or to replace the informal community with each other for almost five hours without the inquiry. The

The killers were impressed by their basic execution. Offer in Facebook, by publishing daily’s daily day in two years from day to day, left for day percent. On Wednesday Buddhist exchange was 0.7 percent lower.

Facebook has been stunned for a month, because it was found that many customers had accidentally accumulated from the site near Cambridge analysis near the data near the house, a political consultation Customers who have elected presidential election in the US President Donald Tampamp’s decision.

Zakirberber faced a wide range of concerns about the people of the Congress, how about how to share Facebook Client information MORE.

“Does not control information about Facebook when users will be able to overcome their information?” Positioning Democrat directly from the appropriate agent directly from New Jersey to the Truth and Trade Council.

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The most recent gauge of the affected customers is up to 87 million.

While claiming to Mr Moscow, a year ago, the organization had unusual effects unusually influenced by customers, experts and financial experts. Russia tried to influence Facebook’s public issues for a long time using Facebook.

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