Transactional SMS is entirely different from promotional and personal SMS and it needs to be delivered with lightning speed. In this present day, it is not possible for the financial institutions and e-commerce website to run the business and services without transactional SMS services.

This keeps the customers instantly informed about their intended services including cash and non-cash transactions. At present, there are several SMS companies to provide the service for businesses of all sectors. But since transactional SMS has become one of the important factors of success, spend some time to select the best service provider to make the service perfect and free from any of the usual delays and issues.

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Transactional SMS

Do you wonder what is so special about transactional SMS? If so, just have a look at different SMS of this type including amount credited, cash withdrawn, order shipped, refund initiated, order confirmed, debit card mailed, thanks for bill payment etc. Yes, these are the SMS that are sent within in second of the occurrence of a transaction. These SMS acts as the confirmation and receipt for most of the transaction. Hence, delay in receiving the message can sometimes make the customers panic. At present, the services are used by almost all of the sectors including E-commerce, Finance, Food and Hospitality, Educational institutions, Healthcare, Real estate, Automobile, Logistics and more. Now, here is some information to get the best in transactional sms price india.

Safe gateways

This is the most important factors to consider since most of the transactional SMS is send for the personal transactions. Customers information and detail are so important and it must be kept confidential. Reputed bulk SMS service providers provide highly secured gateways for the customers to provide maximum safety and secrecy for the data passed through the servers.


Most of the companies provide excellent plans for transactional SMS since they are made in large numbers every day. There are SMS gateway service providers who handle around trillions of SMS every day. They provide the plans including unlimited SMS sending plans to help the businesses to engage in 24 x 7 SMS sending services at affordable costs.

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Quick delivery

With a reputed transitional SMS gateway service, you can send the right amount of message to the right audience at the right time. With excellent automated features, SMS are sent to the intended persons within seconds for the relevant transactions. Reputed gateways support local languages and SMS can be customized as per the requirements of the business. These gateways can be easily integrated with the existing software to make the task so easy.

Delivery reports

Delivery reports play a great role in transactional SMS. The companies and service providers have to make sure that the right SMS is delivered to the right customer at the right time. Now transactional sms gateway india provided by the reputed SMS service providing companies gives the delivery report for each of the SMS sent through the gateway.

Now it is your time to take quality of the business and customer service to next level with the benefits of transactional SMS service.