Alibaba Group is one of the largest B2B platforms that operates globally and is based in China. It is obvious that operations of such mammoth scale need to be supported by an equally efficient and secure cloud service. This exactly what Alibaba Cloud proposes to achieve.

Global perspective

Alibaba Cloud has established its presence across major international destinations including Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, US, Dubai, Sydney, and Frankfurt to name a few. It is headquartered in Singapore and supports the entire e-commerce infrastructure of Alibaba Group besides facilitating online business ventures of its international clients.

Alibaba Cloud boasts of being a leading global provider for a wide spectrum of cloud solutions that are reckoned for Uber class performance and uncompromising security provisions.


Fascinating cloud attributes

With a rock-solid support of its Research & Development arm, Alibaba Cloud has acquired remarkable capabilities of advanced technologies such as Big Data Analytics, operating systems for mobile devices, smart homes, and IoT to name a few.

Clients of Alibaba Cloud can look forward to gain elastic power of computing that is designed to deliver extremely high performance. The R&D wing of Alibaba is engaged in building huge database systems that are powered by sophisticated technologies such as Big Data.

Highly responsive and always available Content Delivery Networks provides smooth access to websites that are backed by Alibaba Cloud services. In addition, a dependable DDoS protection assures hassle free website operations.

Impressive suit of services

Alibaba Cloud has many ‘firsts’ to its credit in terms of certifications since it is the proud recipient of CSA STAR as well as ISO27001 certifications that deals with Information Management Security in Peoples Republic of China.

Users of Alibaba Cloud services can choose from a broad assortment of services under Elastic Computing category to leverage Auto Scaling, ECS, Server Load Balancer, Container registry and other related services, Super Computing Custer to name a few.

Other solution categories include Applications Services, Database Services, Analytics, Networking, Middleware, Marketing, Storage and CDN options.

Cloud sans borders

Alibaba Cloud is supported extensive number of data centers across major global regions and is still counting. The clients are allowed easy access to PRC by leveraging a lone global account. The massive data center presence and reliable CDN and Load Balancing networks assure latency mitigation while accessing your websites or critical customer applications.

Many leading providers of ecommerce services increasingly prefer Alibaba Cloud Services due to guaranteed minimization of DDoS events and an unparalleled record of data sorting to enable large volumes of ecommerce transactions. No wonder, Alibaba Cloud is rated as the topmost Chinese cloud network with more than one thousand nodes of Content Delivery Networks and an unremitting support for applications with assured compliance.

Cloud vendors are compared on the basis of their compliance level and Alibaba Cloud excels in this department as well. As far as safeguarding your mission critical data is considered, Alibaba Cloud services promise the most stringent compliance by adhering strictly with EU GDPR, PCI DSS, and healthcare associated HIPAA regulations.