A deadbolt lock is a type of lock bolt that is moved by turning a key or knob without the spring action. Glass door fittings manufacturers explain this product in simple words – it is a type of lock that can be opened through a key or knob and cannot be easily bored. These bolts feature force resistance and thus provide a great security to the home.

Since there is no spring attached, no thieve can open it with a knife or any other object. Manufacturers are mainly delivering three types of deadbolt locks. Let’s discuss them all in brief-

  • Single cylinder deadbolt – This is a simple model of deadbolt lock that is opened from one side through a key. Such locks are used in the doors that don’t have any breakable glass around the thumb piece turn.
  • Double cylinder deadbolt – This deadbolt lock is activated with key from both the sides. Users can apply it where knob is surrounded by breakable glass. These locks are also used in fire exit gates.
  • Keyless cylinder deadbolt – These are the easy to operate deadbolt locks that can be accessed by a fingerprint scan or password and can be closed with a button or knob.

What are the features of a secure deadbolt lock?

When you visit the store of door locks supplier, you must consider these points for a secure deadbolt lock-

  1. The bolt must extend to one inch in diameter
  2. The bolt should be manufactured with hardened steel
  3. The cylindrical locks collar must be tapered and be free spinning to prevent gripping with a pliers or wrench.
  4. The connecting screw used on the lock must be on the inside and designed with solid steel.
  5. These screws must be at least ½ inch in diameter

Is there any benefit of using these deadbolt locks?

The unique mechanism of deadbolt locks offers the utmost protection and security against thieves that try to access your main door with tremendous force. If you have standard locks, they may be forcibly unlocked with crowbars and other tools or can be opened with a simple knife. In case of deadbolt locks, nothing works when they work. A thief requires more time to break in and is tougher to access.

You can find these locks at glass door fittings manufacturers store easily. You can even get more details about this product from experts. Visit the nearest store and avail the best deals.