Regular Operation and Maintenance is a Must to Generate Clean Solar Energy

Solar panels are incredibly the most reliable source of energy, with no moving parts. As the lifespan of this system can nearly exceed for thirty years, solar panel installation companies routinely offer long-term warranty packages for operation and maintenance of solar system on time of purchase. Although, in the long run, you will have to undergo some preventative maintenance towards the longevity and efficiency of your solar system. However, it is better late than never to know what to do if there is a problem with any of your panels.

Nowadays, most of the residential, commercial and industrial have taken a step towards green energy and installed solar rooftop or ground mounted system. But this is not enough, as the installed solar panels used in solar power plant starts accumulating dirt while generating solar energy for home, commercial and industrial rooftop or ground mounted. The dust that is built upon the panels substantially affects the performance of the solar system. Therefore it is essential to undergo solar operation and maintenance for the enhancement of systems performance.

However, while cleaning the solar power system, it is always recommended to choose the right tools and materials, as the use of improper cleaning methods of materials can lead to the bad performance of the system. It is also equally necessary to have a trained workforce to do the task.

Regular Rinses for Dust and Pollen

For a solar array, summer season seems to be very productive, as over the period panels may become clouded with tree pollens, smudge, dust and animal droppings. These dust and pollen easily get rinses off a solar panel during the rainstorm, but in case of arid climates, summer storms are few and far between.

Rinse dust off with a garden hose can be an ideal method for those commercials, industrial and residential areas that often faces dust weather. The technique is safe for those who can reach the panels without using a ladder. Moreover, avoid using hard water as it might cause corrosion and scaling over the period. Want to get rid of regular cleaning of solar power system? Installing a roof-mounted sprinkler system for homes that face a recurring issue of dirt or pollen. But before taking this step, be sure of getting it fixed under the approval and supervision of your solar installer to avoid any negative impact on your roof or panels.

Annual Inspection of Solar Panel

Spring season is a great time to tackle preventative maintenance that can go a long way towards the life of your solar system. Does your installer conduct a regular inspection of your installation to address and diagnose any issues? According to the sources, an annual visual inspections include a thorough check if there is vegetation growth, corrosion on electrical enclosures or the rack system, signs of animal infestation, excessive cracking or wear on the inverter, roof drainage issues, burn marks, discoloration, or broken glass on solar panels, water damage at any roof penetrations and more.

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