Techienest is one of the best training organizations which offer the opportunity to take in the learning on different technologies and you should do training to make progress. In the workshop, the very first moment will concentrate on the sharing of lessons educated. The organization will be board introduction took after by questions and answers.

Days two will be open for general participation and will combine introductions, exhibitor fire-talks, and panel discussions. Amid the workshop, students go to the different strides which are given here, for example,

  1. Understanding the advantages (computerized royal gems) they have that others might need to take;
  2. Learning how to secure those benefits without spending a ton of cash or time
  3. Detecting when something has turned out badly;
  4. Reacting rapidly and suitable to have the effect as little as could be allowed, and making an arrangement of activity to stay operational when an episode happens; and
  5. Learning what assets are expected to recuperate if a break ought to happen.

This workshop is gone for giving the information and aptitudes required to proactively recognize and alleviate network security dangers by utilizing highlights.

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Projects Covered

  • Development of obstacle follower robot.
  • Autonomous Robot.
  • Development of obstacle avoider robot.
  • Digital Clock on LCD.
  • Development of line follower robot.
  • Touch Screen control Robot.

Kit Content

  • D-type programming cable.
  • ATmega8 Development Board.
  • On board voltage regulated Power supply unit.
  • DC motors.
  • Wheels
  • Mechanical Chassis.
  • Connecting wire
  • Display device (LCD)
  • Screw Packet.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Caster wheels.
  • Touch Screen.
  • Adaptor.

Techienest offers the workshop and training on various technologies this summer training in jaipur to make your career perfect and achieve the best skills.