Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Set to Conduct “Higher Life Conference UK” At The Prestigious O2 Arena

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Set to Conduct “Higher Life Conference UK”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be holding an event at the prestigious O2 Arena in London, titled, “Higher Life Conference UK.” The event will mainly focus on spreading the word of God, hosted by Pastor Chris, who is a world famous author who has written numerous bestselling books about his ministry, helping millions of people across the globe. His work has been translated into over nine hundred languages to make it more accessible to the masses that want to learn about God and the Holy Spirit. The O2 theater has a large capacity of over twenty thousand people, which is what the expected audience is going to be for this event.

The main topic of the conference will be about developing a deeper understanding of the true meaning of life. The conference will discuss the various principles around attaining the life that God has chosen for us. The entire conference will be a celebration of life and will begin with opening prayers followed by praise and worship sessions. The conference will also feature some of the best talents in the country for gospel music, with a different lineup of artists on each different day of the conference. The topics of the conference will be emphasized by video showcases, healing testimonies, and miracles, along with the talks by Pastor Chris.

Tickets to the conference will be available for sale starting on the 7th of August. The sessions begin in the afternoon and will span over a total period of three days. Individual day tickets can be bought for £1.50, and the full three-day pass can be bought for a total of £4.50. The service begins at a different time on each day, with the Friday service starting at 6 pm, the Saturday service at 4 pm and the Sunday service at 1 pm.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be the main speaker at the event, and the person is leading most of the conference. However, there will also be numerous other speakers making an appearance who is also a part of the Believers’ LoveWorld Pastor organization that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome founded. The conference will try to touch upon a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from teachings on the Bible and interpretations of the texts, to healing and miracles, and also proper forms of prayer and meditation. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will also be talking on subjects that affected daily lives like love and kindness, and the importance of loving oneself and their family. The conference will also try to touch on more advanced subjects of worship such as speaking in tongues and connecting with God and their higher selves. All the sessions that take place will be concluded with a session calling on the Holy Spirit to come forth and anoint every one of the people seated in the O2 and their families back home.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hails from Nigeria and is known throughout the world for being the founder of Christ Embassy – the Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, which is a sect of Christianity that focuses on the teachings of the Bible entirely. He is one of the most well-known pastors in Africa, and his teachings have traveled beyond borders to numerous corners of the world. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has also done a lot to help the community around him to place the world a better place. He has been involved with countless philanthropic activities that have changed the lives of countless people. He has also performed numerous healing miracles across the world and is known for the incredible preachings that he gives. Today, the ministry that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome founded has reached all over, with centers to connect the Christians with the ministry.