HIV affects millions of people around the world. The virus destroys certain blood cells in the body, weakening them, so they can not protect you in the case of infection. It is important to note that HIV can easily lead to AIDS, which is a more deadly development of the virus if it is not treated on time. Unfortunately, most people infected with the infection do not realize this. This is one of the problems that OraQuick advanced HIV test developed in a Singapore HIV Clinic.

What is this test about in Singapore HIV Clinic ?

One of the main reasons why people with HIV do not recognize on time is a complex process when you need to go to the clinic every time. Oralquick is an FDA-approved verbal kit for testing swap for hiv-1 and hiv-2. The test is completely closed, as you will not need the attention of any professional medical personnel to carry it out. It does not even require blood, and it is based on the concept of age, popular among health professionals.

How to use oral?

One of the greatest misconceptions in the world is that HIV is all in the blood, and only a blood test can detect it. Oral testing has proven to be as accurate and reliable as any other type of testing, and results are faster. For the test, all you need is to exchange the top and bottom rubber once and then insert the swab into the test tube that comes with the kit. The results will be ready. The result of the test is determined by C-Line and T-Line.

Interestingly, oral testing for HIV in HIV Clinic Singapore is based on the idea of ​​detecting antibodies in collected fluids, rather than on detecting the virus itself. Once you insert the swab into the tube, it mixes with the liquid and then moves to the top of the stick. The darkening of the C-line confirms that the extended HIV-test is orally working. The further appearance of the C-line indicates that the test is negative, while the antibodies accumulating on the T-line show that the test is positive.

Advantages of fast test system.

According to research, many people become victims of giving, because they did not find it on time. Some of them are the result of negligence, but most people are just a victim of pure ignorance. Those who even suspect that they are, it is tough to get into the clinic for a blood test because of shame.

Oral HIV test allows people to easily check their HIV status in Singapore HIV Clinic as many times as they want without visiting the clinic. This method helps early detection and reduces the spread of HIV from one person to another. The accuracy of the Oralquick HIV check is so direct that you do not need any further medical tests.

The best kits for oral testing, such as a test for a prolonged oral test, have many resources in the form of brochures, videos, and other materials. This should give you the proper education necessary to conduct an antibody test without a professional physician assistant.