Thousands of food choices have been provided on the planet by nature. Most of them are full of nutrients that fulfill our body’s needs. With all these choices, we have tried to narrow down the list and make it easier. According to the studies, the following criteria should be met by the healthiest foods that are available on the planet.
  • Easy to obtain: This means that the food which is readily available is kept in the category of healthiest food. For example, goji berries are beneficial for your health which you can only buy online. Although it may be available in major cities in other places, it may be difficult to buy.
  • Familiar: The second thing is that the healthiest food on the planet should include that food, whereby almost all are familiar because if people are not familiar with food and the foods are weird in seeing, people do not like to eat that food.
  • Inexpensive: The healthiest food should include affordable food so that all can buy on a regular basis.
  • Nutrient dense: The most important thing is that it should be full of nutrients which provide essential vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids to meet our health needs. It should be full of all the nutrients for the least calories.
  • Delicious: If the food is not tasty whether it is healthiest, people would not like to eat it. That’s why we have included the healthiest food that is rich in nutrients as well as delicious.
We have selected 5 out of the healthiest foods available on the planet, in which all these qualities are present.

However, avocado is found in many countries of the world, but its highest yield in North America. Some people do not include it in their diet as fat is found in it but this is a fat oleic acid which does not cause any damage to the body. Avocado is beneficial in many ways to the human body; its specialty is that after eating avocado, people do not feel hungry for 6-7 hours. Therefore, it is very useful to lose weight. Fiber is found in excessive amounts, which remove the problem of constipation. Avocado has more potassium content than a banana that meets the needs of 15% potassium in our body and prevents blood pressure and heart-related diseases. Not only this, skin-related diseases can be avoided by its use. If you mix the avocado with curd or honey and put it on the face, it also helps in enhancing your beauty. Apart from this, according to the studies, daily consumption of it can protect you from a dangerous disease like cancer. However, this can sometimes be slightly expensive but it is not necessary that you will eat it every day to get health benefits. Therefore, you can benefit from all its properties by consuming it once or twice a week. Avocados is best for alcohol recovery diet. Even when you want to quit your addiction at home you can add Avocados in your list.
Broccoli is a type of vegetable that looks like cabbage. It is delicious in eating as well as is filled with many types of nutrients. Although it can also be used in salad, salad is not tasty but very beneficial for the body. Broccoli can also be eaten by making soup. Broccoli has a lot of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, calcium, and iron that are essential for our body. Broccoli has an element called beta-carotene which is beneficial for eyes, with the help of which the danger of cataract can be avoided. It contains carotenoid lutein that is helpful in reducing the risk of heart attack. Apart of this, broccoli is the best choice to meet the shortage of iron in pregnant women. Osteoporosis is usually found in pregnant women which are caused by the lack of calcium and vitamin D. Broccoli is the main source of calcium and vitamin D, so it can easily remove this disease. Not only this, you can protect yourself from a disease called anemia. Apart from all this, it strengthens bones and reduces cholesterol level.
Kale is a green leafy vegetable. However, it is available in many varieties but its three main types are Curly kale, dinosaur kale and ornamental kale that are light sweet in taste. There are many types of nutrients found in it that protect our body from various types of diseases. Kale contains the elements known as carotenoids and flavonoids which prevent the problem of cancer and cataract. The fiber in Kale helps reduce the level of cholesterol and risk of heart attack. Moreover, Kale is certainly consumed for the prevention of a disease called Alzheimer. And it is also helpful in the detoxification of the body. If you use kale as a juice, it gives a taste of a carrot. Not only this, drinking juice of kale reduces the risk of anemia and strengthens muscles.
Mushroom is the most popular because of versatility and super health benefits. Vitamins, proteins, fibers, enzymes, selenium, and minerals are found in abundance in mushroom, rather than other nutrients. That’s why it meets all the needs of our body rather than the other. The good news is that due to its medicinal properties, it is also used for medical assistance. Many countries like China, Japan, and Korea are using it for the treatment of allergies, arthritis and lung cancer. Due to being vitamin D, selenium, and antioxidant, it is beneficial for your skin and this selenium provides healthy hair. Antioxidant contributes to the strengthening of the immune system. Carbohydrates and fats are very low in this, so you can protect yourself from cholesterol problem. Not only this, mushroom prevents breast cancer, reduces weight, and makes the nervous system and the digestive system strengthen.


Blackberry is a kind of fruit that is the most delicious among all the healthiest foods mentioned above and definitely helps keep our body healthy. This fruit is cheap and it can be easily obtained. Blackberry leaves have astringent properties that prevent blood clots from forming. Its leaves are being used to cure wounds. Apart from this, blackberry contains antioxidants which protect against skin related diseases. And with the help of it, eczema diseases can be treated. Not only this, potassium contained in it, contributes significantly to reducing the levels of insulin. Therefore, with the help of it, a dangerous disease like diabetes can be overcome. Eat Blackberry and save yourself from the doctors. Blackberry is not very expensive also.