If we could all record our dreams, then I’m sure we would all have all made it to the Oscar. Dreams are sometimes full of suspense and sometimes full of horror. You may find it hard to link the characters and the places that you have got in your dreams. Though they may sound absurd at times, in reality, they aren’t always that lame. Most of the time dreams do have meaning attached to them.

In ancient times, there were professional dreamers used by the Egyptians for planning battles and much more. The Greek considered them as a seeing of the dead and also as a gateway to future.  But in recent studies, it has been found that dreams are actually a gateway to our unconscious mind. They are actually the wishes which we hold within ourselves. These wishes are expressed while we dream. There have numerous experiments to study a person’s dream, but still, there are still millions of questions which still remain unanswered. Scientists say that even though dreams are imaginary, the experience is real. Our brain tries to sum up all the incidents as well as the person we have met in the last 24-48 hours.

When a person is dreaming, it can be identified as the person would who is dreaming would be going through rapid eye movement. As per the sleep studies, when a person is dreaming, there is a high amount of electrical frequency taking place in their brain. This is the primary reason behind the rapid eye movement. But studies have found out that rapid eye movement happens even when a person is not sleeping.  But in both the cases, it has been found that when there is a rapid eye movement, there is a decrease in the low-frequency activity occurrence at the posterior cortical region of the brain. The posterior cortical is a portion of the brain which is located at the back side of the brain and is responsible for attention as well as spatial reasoning.

Why we dream?

Even after millions of research and thousands of clarification, the real reason for a dream is still not known and is still is one of the most intriguing topics of debate. Most of the research suggests that dreams are actually the desires which we keep safe as a secret and that is the reason why most of the dreams are sexual. But this theory has been widely criticized and has theories to back it up, but the real reason behind it is still unknown. As per the hypothesis of Antti Revonsuo’s, dreams are a survival program that our body practices while sleeping. But from ancient theories, we can come to a conclusion that dreams are actually an insight to the problems of our daily life as well as direction for the future.

Studies have suggested that dreams are actually dumping of data that we have gathered all through the day. It is a clearing of all the useless memories while keeping the important one intact. In a 2007 study, it was found that when a person is dreaming, the neocortex, which governs higher-order thoughts, orders the hippocampus, which is in charge of memory, for uploading all the necessary information and then the neocortex decides which memories to hold for long-term use and what are the thoughts that should be discarded.


Why can’t we always remember our dreams?

We have always dreamt something that we have tried to rewind later but never got successful. For suppose, you have been wearing a casual blazer which had a unique color and was looking good on you, but after waking up, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t remember the color of the blazer that you have worn in the dream. Not remembering your dreams is a common phenomenon that everyone goes through. In a study done by Siclari, she said that when we are dreaming, the other part of our brain should remain active in order to remember the dreams in details. She also further said that not remembering the dreams we had is a good sign as because dreams are very realistic and if we remember all the dreams we had, it will get difficult for us to differentiate between reality and dream.

But as per many analysis’s, it has been explained in detail that every dream has a different meaning attached to them.

What do dreams signify?

Different dreams have different meanings. For suppose:

  • Being chased by someone or something

This is a common dream we all have while dreaming, i.e., being chased by someone or something. The reason behind this dream is due to avoiding a real-life situation. Experts say that when we avoid any real-life circumstances, we start dreaming of being followed or chased by something. But actually, that is our responsibilities that are chasing us in a literal way.



  • When you are about to pee but can’t find any toilet


If you have dreamt of something like this, then you need for privacy. This is an indication that you have been holding crap for some time and now you need to let it go.