The rise and rise of Android cell phones over the last decades has been integrated with humans. People use this piece of technology for so many reasons such as for phone calls to friends and family members, for business point of view and plenty of others alike. On the other hand young generation are at the top that uses Android mobile phones as their bread butter and does activities such as text messages, calls, play online games, share media files, for sending and receiving emails and use social messaging apps. So, such type of smartphones usage makes young kids and teens obsessed with these activities. Furthermore, sometimes these android phones have to monitor for several and authentic reasons.

THE ONE SPY Android spy app

TheOneSpy for Androids is one of the best phone spy software that’s perfect for so many issues. Simply it is known for as its variety of solutions for parents, employers and the people who are in a relationship. It means it has the power to deal single-handedly all the issues that parent, employers, and spouses are facing. The world best android spy has plenty of features such as bug their phone, spy on text messages, spy n calls, keylogger, GPS location tracking Browsing history, media files, remotely phone controller and IM’s social media. The cell phone surveillance app for androids has reasonable price and its customer care team is determined to guide their clients 24/7.

Mspy Android spy software 

When it comes to smartphone spy apps for android phones spy comes one of the best cell phone tracking app over the years. Mspy falls into the category of top mobile monitoring apps and it has made the headlines due to its bundle of features such as cell phone call recording, spy on text messages, email tracking, screens shots, browsing history tracking, and social messaging apps spy, location tracker, screen recording and plenty of others alike. The price of this particular android spy app one of the expensive cell phone spy software for androids.

Xnspy Android Tracker

Xnspy is one of the leading cell phone spy app for androids phones at the moment. The spy software has made its way to the top through its state of the art features that enable a user to track fully any kind of android phone to the fullest.  Therefore, it has gained popularity among parents, business leads and the people who are in a relationship. It has dozens of robust features such as IM’s social media tracking, locations tracker, and spy on text messages, and call recording, view multimedia, keystrokes, camera bug and surround sounds recording and screenshots. The weak point of this cell phone spy is its features are not fully organized and don’t work properly as it’s been advertised on the web.

TruthSpy for Androids

TruthSpy is known for its traditional features such as spy on text messages, call detail, photos, social media activity, real-time location tracking, and listen to voice recording and plenty of others alike. TruthSpy considered as the best features cell phone spy app. That is why it is the top and leading android tracking software of the modern age. The major problem with this particular android tracking app is the complex and non-user-friendly interface. That most of the time irritates the users a lot and most of the people don’t be able to use it properly for their needs.

Mobistealth for Androids

It is the best cell phone tracking app for android phones when it comes to parenting point of view. Parents can put their worries to rest that always feel worried about the online safety of their kids and teens. It offer number of parenting and non-parenting features such as location tracking, IM’s monitoring, call recording, text messages spy, view multimedia files and last but not the least screen shots. It is driven through online control panel and the target phone gadget should be connected to the internet.


MM Guardian Android monitoring app

MM Guardian is the android spy app that should be installed on your target phone device initially. Once it’s been installed on the target mobile phone device. The user will be able to view all the activities happen on the target phone device. The world famous spy software empowers users to SMS spy, call blocking, apps blocker and user can view calls, SMS, URLs, and the use of the apps on the target phone through MM Guardian Android tracking app. Parents can protect their teens from all online evils.


Net Nanny Android Tracking software


Net Nanny Android spy app is basically designed for monitoring young kid’s activities on the target phone of Android OS. It prevent young kids from all online dangers to the fullest and enable a user to track activities happen on the mobile phone at any time and at any place remotely. It has plenty of key features that are best for parenting such web content filtering, block carnal content, Mask profanity, Time limits and content.


Kids Place:

It is actually an app launcher that helps out a user to open a full fledge customize interface that allows kids only visit the apps that you have allowed them. It filters the applications that would be appropriate for the kids. It allows a user to make passwords and the kids cannot be open to the apps that are not appropriate for kids.


Famigo: Android monitoring app

Famigo Android surveillance software enables a user to create a “sandbox” about those apps and puts restrictions on the android store. This kind of android program also has famigo Wowzer, a particular browser for kid’s to filter the content to the fullest. Parents will have the power to control the access of kid’s activities on the web especially in the marketplace. On the other hand, a young teen that drives vehicles and do text messages can be restricted.

Mobile Spy parenting app:

It would be an ultimate and reliable option for the users when it comes to monitoring the Android cell phones device. The application has been endorsed by the people of the USA and also reported in Los Angeles Times and even in the Reader Digest over and over and on plenty of others programs. It is compatible with Android, IOS, and windows. It has some features such as text messages spy, iMessages, messenger logs, call history, location tracking and media files.