Top 3 reasons why India call centre are losing their services to the Philippines?


An inbound call centre is a workstation where agents are hired to receive customers’ calls and assist them to solve basic or complex brand issues. Issues like general queries regarding any product or service or to register a complaint regarding the functionality of the item or any troubleshooting problem which needs immediate assistance at once are solved by an extraordinary inbound call centre.

The inbound contact centre solution providers are established to perform tedious performance at serving customers in an adroit and adept manner. Call centers have limited their inbound process to only answering calls from the customers in order to assist them through a difficult technical process. The Indian call centre business industry has lost a huge chunk of services to the Philippines call centres. The reason for such ineffectual performance amongst the Indian call centre is lacking behind on specially required skills.

Most of the Indian contact centres hover with the native notions of receiving, speaking and closing the call. No company or agent tries to honor the inbound telemarketing services which are regarded to give a humongous boost to the business bottom-line. Companies must understand that the methods of pitching products accurately can help in product upselling. Further to this, the business process outsourcing organisation must practice the inbound telemarketing training programs to initiate the method of pitching products for incoming calls. A basic training to start with is by providing detailed information about products and services.

The ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) unit states that India is losing almost 70% of the outsourcing businesses to either the Philippines or the Eastern part of Europe. If this inclination of downfall within the industry keeps on continuing then India is likely to lose around 30 billion dollars in foreign exchange value in the following years to come until and unless it takes major steps to improve the industrial system.

In this blog, we have cited 3 basic reasons why India is losing all its call centre processes to the Philippines or other competitive countries.

  1. Eminent work power

The Philippines are swarmed up with well-educated and easily trainable candidates. According to various press releases, the people of the Philippines have 30% educated candidates as compared to 10% of the static candidates in India. One of the basic reasons why India is losing the business processes is because of their accent problem. Although a majority of the Indian is good with the English language, they fail when it comes to accent. They have a peculiar way of speaking English which is perceived as irritating and frustrating for the native English speakers. On the contrary, the Philippines call centre agents have the ability to speak English with in an unbiased accent. The country has a close connection with the United States and further to this the education system in this country is educated in the ubiquitous language. The Indian contact centre representatives need extra effort on the phonetics and lexical field of pronunciation that consumes overhead expense and time.

  1. Lower operating expense

India is regarded to be a cheaper destination for outsourcing business but the Philippines have upturned to provide cheaper BPO services by founding economical inbound call centre and dexterous outbound call centre. The foreign currency plays a pivotal role in operation cost and as compared to the Philippines, India can lower the expenses but still be expensive in terms of training agents, outsourcing information technology structures, and connecting cultural diversities. Astoundingly, even some of the Indian goliath companies have outsourced their business processes to this country because of cheaper overhead on operating cost and minimal training period for its contact centre representatives.

  1. Excellent service

The Philippines BPO industry has left no stones unturned to be the perfect call centre destination. It does not only provide lower operating costs but also is proficient at delivering high-quality service. Myriad inbound call centre service providers in the Philippines deliver additional and excellent services at a lower cost as compared to India.

Today, even if India partake in the game of reducing the operating cost to attract more foreign companies, it still will have to go a long way to balance the services provided by the Philippines BPO industry. India is developing its amenities and is still considered as an efficient outsourcing destination globally.