Types Of Distributor And Wholesaler In Pharma Sector


Types Of Distributor And Wholesaler In Pharma Sector-Are you in search for the different types of Distributor and Wholesaler in Pharmaceutical sector? If yes, you are at the right place. The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the growing industries all over the world. This industry has strict rules and regulations. Here we have the various types of distribution and wholesalers channels in the pharmacy industry.

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The List of Pharmaceutical wholesale distribution In Pharma Sector

Pharmacy Industry is on the high peak. There are various ways to distribute and sell the products like online portal, outlets etc. One of the clear ways is wholesaling by which company provides materials like drugs and medicines to the wholesaler and he is now able to distribute it in the entire segment. Here we have the list of various types of wholesalers available in the India Pharmacy Market.

  • Ethical/Branded Pharma products distributors

These are the wholesalers which work ethically means they have the pre-planned percentage for work. They distribute their products like drugs and medicines to the wholesalers. All the companies also convince doctors to prescribe their medicine to the consumers. The Payment collection from the chemist is the responsibility of both – MR and Distributors.

  • General pharma products distributors

Generic products are the common products which have very much less cost is very much less as compared to ethical/branded products. The main difference in these products doesn’t have any marketing/promotional expenses. In this, Payment collection from chemist may be a responsibility of both – sales representative and Distributor or may be of distributor alone.

  • PCD Pharma Franchise distributors

PCD Pharma franchise stands for the Propaganda cum distribution and it is mainly meant for the appointing distributors’ cum marketing/promotional partner. In this there is no direct marketing and companies appoint distributors who also do marketing and promotion of company along with distributorship and wholesaling.

  • Institutional supply pharma distributors

Institutional suppliers are the distributors who supply to government hospitals, private hospitals, or other medical institutions. The Institutional distributor supplies directly to these institutions without the involvement of any third party. Payment varies according to companies position and demand in the market as well as a same case in the payment method.

Distribution Channel Strategy

Distributing channels matters a lot. All the company depends upon the sales and demand in the market. If a company has a strong distribution channel the company is able to stay in the market otherwise it is the biggest loss to the company. Here we have different types of merchant channel technique

  1. Intensive distribution: It means that company is using many of the channels to distribute their drugs not only the single accessible outlet. This is mainly in the case of large companies, by which every shop has the availability of their products
  2. Exclusive distribution: This is a kind of distribution channel which has the exact number of dissemination channels, concurs the selective ideal to appropriate a producer’s item in a characterized domain.
  3. Selective distribution: It is a distribution channel of the drug which is selectively available on the quiet number of the store. No excess availability of the product. Particular circulation is suitable for shopping items.


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