Vastu Tips To attract more Prosperity and Money


The main goal of vastu tips for wealth is to impress lord Kuber and keep him happy all the time. He is the lord of wealth and if he is happy with you, prosperity and wealth is assured. But, the question is how to keep Lord Kuber happy? The answer to this question is simple, just follow some of the simple vastu tips and you can make most of vastu for wealth and attract more wealth.

  • Make sure you place your cash locker or almirah where you place your cash to South West or South wall so that it opens towards the North direction. North direction is believed to be the direction of Lord Kuber and when your cash locker opens to the North direction, it allows lord Kuber to fill it frequently. Do not place your cash locker in any other direction.
  • Do not ever put your cash locker under a beam as this brings in a lot of stress in terms of finances on your business or family.
  • One of the best tricks to attract more wealth is to keep a mirror in front of cash locker in such way that the image of cash locker is shown in the mirror. This doubles your wealth.
  • You can attract wealth by keeping North-east portion open and clean. Do not construct stair case in this portion. Also avoid keeping any heavy machinery in this corner.
  • As per vastu tips for wealth planting huge trees in the South-West direction of any plot can make the finances stable.
  • Make sure you keep the centre portion of your home free of everything. Do not construct anything here.
  • Make sure you keep the windows and doors clean. In case you leave them dirty, the flow of money gets obstructed.
  • In case you have any leaking faucets or taps make sure you repair/replace them as water leaking leads to loss of money.
  • You can also place a water fountain in the North- East direction of your house. Ensure that the water in the fountain is always flowing and moving and water movement indicates flow of wealth and positive energy.
  • You can also keep fish aquarium in the North-East direction of your living room or hall. Make sure you maintain cleanliness in fish tank and keep it aerated.
  • You can decorate the main door or entrance of your house to attract wealth and prosperity. Also you can get name plate or number plate designed to look attractive.
  • If you have a backyard, make sure you birds with grains and water as it attracts wealth and positive energy.
  • Purple colour represents wealth; hence keep a plant of purple colour in your house. If you do not find purple colour plant, you also plant a money plant in a purple colored pot.

As per vastu tips you can attract wealth and prosperity in life, which will directly bring in peace in your life.