Breast cancer is all about a malignant tumour that has gone on to emerge in the cells of the breasts. It has to be stated that this form of cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women and it could even result in death. It is more common in case of women than men, though the outcomes in men are poor due to poor diagnosis. It does tend to remove the localized cancer which has not gone to spread to other areas of the body. In fact the tumour is removed along with a portion of the surrounding tissue and in the process conserving the breast as far as possible.

It is a former of cancer that tends to emerge from the inner lining of the milk ducts or the one that is known to supply milk to the breasts. Just like any other type of cancer this too tends to pass through various stages. It is based on the lump or size of the breast tumour and whether the cancer has gone on to spread throughout the breast tissue as well.

The main reasons why breast cancer happens?

It has to be stated that the exact cause of breast cancer is not known and no fixed reasons could be attributed to the same as well. Instead of the real causes of breast cancer it is observed that myths are more existent. But still some of the major causes of breast cancer are as follows

Age- it has to be stated that the breast cancer is dependent on age. Once a person gets older the chances of it appearing are all the more.

Inheritance- if someone in the family has a history of breast cancer, the chances of it passing over to their immediate peers is all the more.

If you are earlier associated with menopause it does increase the chances of breast cancer

If you are exposed to radioactive substance the chances of breast cancer increases all the more

If you are part of hormone replacement therapy the chances of breast cancer does increase all the more

If harmful chemicals attack your system then once again you are a candidate for breast cancer

The preparation phase of the surgery

The preparation phase associated with the surgery could prove to be a stressful time. In terms of breast cancer treatment in India the following procedures are adopted

You can enter into a knowhow with the surgeon on how the surgery is going to be performed. How much time it is going to take for the surgery to be performed and what is the recovery time of the same. A second opinion also counts. Sometimes it could be the norm as per the advice that is provided by an insurance provider. The surgeon is going to provide you with a second opinion and an advice would be a lot of help at this point of time.


To conclude you are made aware of the pros and cons of the surgery.