Brakes are the components disc brakes which are used in every automotive vehicle. Brake pads are basically plates which are backed by steel along with the friction material which is placed on the surface facing disc brake motor. With the help of friction, brake pads transform the kinetic energy of car into the thermal energy. When the brakes are applied the brake caliper squeezes the brake pads which leads to decrease in speed or stopping of vehicle altogether.

The brake pad gets heated when in contact with rotor transferring small friction to disc which makes it gray in color. Now, the brake pad and disc stick with each other creating friction which is required to stop the vehicle. Though most of the vehicles that we see on roads have 2 brake pads per caliper, the racing calipers have as much as six brake pads that have different frictional properties for best performance.

The wear and tear of the disc depend on the material used in the manufacturing of brakes. It is believed that the brake pads must be replaced at regular intervals. Most of the brake pads these days are designed in such a way that they start showing signs and alert the rider for replacement. Cheap brake pad replacement ma depends on the type of car and number of pads used on the disc.

Signs for brake pad replacement

  • Disappearance of small center groove
  • The squealing sound while applying the brakes
  • When the brake pedal goes lower than its position
  • Warning light for low-pad on
  • Steering wheel feels vibration

The maintenance as well as replacement of the brake pad is mandatory to ensure your safety. The vehicle with worn out brake pads can further damage the brake rotor which will then become expensive that brake pad replacement. Also, you will put your and near one’s life in danger.

Brake pad replacement procedure

  • Check the brake pads
  • If the thickness is lesser than 3mm, then new pads needs to be installed
  • Check other elements such as calipers, hoses, rotors and the condition of brake fluid
  • After doing a primary safety inspection take a test drive of the vehicle.

Types of brake pads

The brake pads are designed in various ways depending upon the usage and type of vehicle. From soft to hard and aggressive to minimally aggressive, you can find many options. It is recommended to buy a standardized and branded brake pad and if you opt for non-standard pads, ensure the proper fitting during replacement.

Points to consider while choosing a brake pad material

  • During increased temperatures, the ability of the material usually fades.
  • Check how much the brake pad material gets affected by water.
  • Check the ability of the brake pad material to recover from moisture and heat.
  • Also, check the material’s ability to offer an even and smooth contact with the rotor.

You can get the best place for brake service ma depending on the location where you stay. You can check the websites of dealers and contact them.