Self-Drive Cars: The sweetest deal on wheels


The city of Bangalore was well-known for the abundance of beautifully-maintained gardens and parks within city limits. Its journey from the being known as Garden City to the Silicon Valley of India has been quite rapid and so was their metamorphosis into one of India’s most livable cities. A cosmopolitan city to its core, Bengaluru has a constant flow of people from all parts of the country due to the vast network of IT companies, both established ones and start-ups. It is a wonderful blend of some meticulously maintained historical monuments and high-rises apartments and office complexes, with a liberal sprinkling of green stretches and activity-filled shopping zones.

Although the transport system is quite adequate here, those who travel for work, education and recreation purposes prefer a dedicated option to ensure delays do not happen. At such times, getting a self-driving car for rent becomes a highly convenient option, especially if onehires them from professional agencies like Zoomcar, who have a massive range of vehicles at their disposal. Such premium car-hire agencies pay attention to critical areas like maintenance of self-drive vehicles, interiors and exteriors which make it a pleasure to drive the SUVs, Hatchbacks and Sedans they offer.

Self-drive v/s rented cars

The major advantage of a self-drive vehicle is the freedom associated with it. There is simply no binding in terms of departure from a particular location at a specific time. With a reliable GPS fitted in the self-drive cars, the route can be pre-decided and set without having to depend on a rented car driver’s local knowledge. Be it a short trip or an extended holiday, a business trip or a personal one, with a self-drive option, plans can be easily altered without worrying about a rigid schedule.

If one plans to rent a car Bangalore to Chennai and back, a self-drive option saves a lot of money especially since the cost of the driver is completely eliminated in this case, not to mention the extra person who can be now easily accommodated.The driver’s expenses of food and refreshments are also an additional cost though it’s not an obligation.

For the pleasure of Driving

As compared to rental cars, this is one service which offers one the choice of renting cars of various models and variants, depending on the budget and number of people to be accommodated. Compare it with radio taxis, and one realises that the choice is not as per the vehicle model but as per the category of cars in a specific price range.

One can leverage complete value out of a self-drive car by leasing it for longer durations, which brings the costs down, while a rental car or a taxi is available in slots for four or eight hours, with a higher rental if the trip is one way. When one uses a self-drive vehicle, the sense of security is quite high, especially with female travellers with added privacy scoring brownie points. With many such advantages, one can get behind the wheel of a self-drive and traverse the length and breadth of Bangalore.