Presently, VLSI devices are very common around us. The advanced VLSI chips are used in our cell phones, cars, cameras, house appliances and many more places. This rapidly developing sector provides attractive opportunities in certified placement for those who have strong fundamental knowledge in designing of electronic circuit and languages of hardware description, knowledge about design and verification of VLSI and skills for implications of VLSI design and system. There is a constant demand for designing, developing and re-engineering integrated circuits (ICS) with the advancement of technologies like processing of geometries, featuring and production of innovations for our daily life. For an example, mobile phones are available in the market with new features between the short periods of time. As a result of this, there are great demands for knowledgeable VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) engineers for working on these products and there is a good opportunity for making a career in the industry of VLSI.

Training Courses

Training courses for VLSI technologies are included in classroom coaching, practical experience, and workplace dynamics. The candidates follow the training as an initial training program through class coaching and practical classes and it is made by following the industry-driven project which is related to the next training program. After the completion of the training program successfully, the candidate becomes efficient for the profession and ready for the job in different areas of VLSI Logic and Physical design. The complete training program of VLSI is made in such a way that the candidates can acquire the concept confidently and obtain a good overview of the requirements of the design. The VLSI institutes in Bangalore conveys ASIC, FPGA design flows and trains engineers special on the methodologies of VLSI design, VHDL, CMOS, Verilog and System Verilog.

Objectives of Training

  • Make an overview of the fundamental concept of VLSI, ASIC, FPGA design.
  • Provide the concept of the features of CMOS circuit construction.
  • Provide the analysis of basic building block of the large-scale digital integrated circuit.
  • Convey the designing integrated circuit of experience using CAD tools.
  • Training enables to learn how the functional units like multipliers, adders, ROMs and SRAMs are designed.

Applications of VLSI

VLSI is applicable for the designing and implementation of VLSI or ULSI as well as microelectronic system. This can be applied to a system of the computer to automotive to the consumer of electronics. Here is given some area of research and development of VLSI.

  • Design and Partitioning
  • Neural Networks
  • System specification
  • Wafer-scale integration
  • High-efficiency computing and communication system
  • Multi-module system

Scope for VLSI

Today, with the increase in demand for the products of chip driven in various sectors like consumer electronics, communication, aerospace, medical electronics, computer etc. the scope for VLSI is vast and VLSI courses in Bangalore are essential. Observing the phenomenal demand of the market, there are more and more companies of chip designing who have built their units in India to eye on the talents of Indian. Moreover, there are many Major IT companies in India, who have forayed in the ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) design in a big concept. With the rapidly expanding market of the design and manufacturing, the demand for well-trained professionals who can boost the technical workforce in the domain of VLSI has been enhanced.