If you are planning to catch a flight to California this weekend, then this is for you. If you aren’t then go ahead and give this a read anyway because being updated about the latest, IT stuff always comes handy. Coachella is round the corner and this time its crazier than ever. It’s not every day that you see the queen rehearsing for eleven hours to perform at the biggest music and arts festival in the world. While people are turning feverish to see Beyoncé, The Weekend and Eminem perform, these heartthrobs are not the only reasons for people trippin’ with excitement. Every year when Coachella is round the corner, fashion enthusiasts dig in their heels and remove their prudish headsets (if they have any) to dress like a dream. The aim is to look like a Utopian fantasy, one that is exemplary and flawless.

Now since you are going to fret endlessly over what to wear, allow me to put an end to your fruitless search and render you some lifesaving advice. Stop trying to randomly put together everything that you like, instead plan your outfit around a statement accessory. Yes, you heard it right, that’s what the best of stylists do. They pick something as their primary focus and then built a masterpiece around it. Trying to fit in everything pretty is only going to create a mess not your dream ensemble.

So here is a list of astonishing statement pieces that can be the heart of your outfit.

  1. Carnations at Dawn Fishnet Stockings– Embellished Fishnets are now a thing! Hallelujah, praise the lord my friends because this is actually happening. All your floral fantasies are now going to come true. It’s an interplay of hand-made flowers, jewels, stones and dreams. Team these us with a high slit maxi dress or a short satin slip dress. You can check out an exclusive range of gorgeous fishnet stockings from kerryparker.uk
  2. Classic Audrey Graphic Tie– if you want to go for something classic, get yourself a limited edition Audrey Graphic tie. Pair it with a deep neck dress or a corset top. Ties that have a mind of their own, are the new high this season because power dressing is the new sexy. While you are at it you can check out some quirky retro graphic ties that can give your outfit all the sass you need.
  3. Stardust (Pink) Tulle Socks – Socks and heels are the new hot love affair. They are sexy, they are eccentric and they are fabulous. Tulle socks have a Bohemian feel, and boho dressing is the soul of Coachella. You can pair these embellished tulle socks with peep toes, pumps, wedges, canvas shoes anything at all. It’s the accessory of the season and you definitely need these to create some unforgettable looks.
  4. Autumn (floral) Choker: don’t go rushing to your collection of chokers, all of which are black and boring. Coachella has a whimsical vibe; you need to go for something that compliments that vibe. Anything plain ain’t gonna cut it. However, if you love neck accessories then these gorgeous floral chokers are absolutely what you need. You don’t need ideas to style this one, it’s a hit already.
  5. Pink Victorian Ruffled Gloves – Excuse my love for pink, but these is something about rose blush tinge that I absolutely cannot resist. Add to that the perfection of sheer tulle fabric and Victorian ruffles and you’ve got yourself a winner. The dramatic caress of the mighty 1800’s can make any look iconic. So, get yourself a corset bustier and a pair of shorts or a high slit maxi dress that looks heavenly with these gloves and there you go. You are Coachella ready!
  6. Flamingo Feels Statement belts– Flower dressing is exquisite, not everyone can pull it off. It requires a delicate touch and an artistic aura. If you think you’ve got what it takes then try this pink floral sleek belt. Slip into an ivory boho crocheted dress or a light embroidered dress in pastel hues and complete the look with this statement belt.