A few weeks ago we were made aware of someone that is very new to our ears. Yesterday we met him. We are talking about Singer, Dancer & Actor Márcellino. You may have seen him on Facebook, where his posts have amassed over 10,000 users, or maybe you saw his performance for Bill Haslem, Governor to Tennessee…either way this guy is interesting to say the least. We learned that he is from Memphis, Tennessee and 22 years old. We interviewed him during his visit to the Southland Mall in Memphis, where he was being guarded by the malls security and his bodyguard. As we approached the mall to meet him, we were greeted by a host of fans who were there to get a glimpse and a picture with him. Dressed in a mysterious all black getup with a black face mask and wide brim hat, he stood tall and assertive. He was accompanied by his assistant, badge saying only Lasondra, and his photographer. His style seeming very familiar to that of Michael Jackson. He was very nice and well-spoken as he answered our questions throughout his mall visit.

Unfortunately, 10 min. into our interview, he was rushed out of the mall into a security van for reasons that was not explained to us. As the security car sped off, we couldn’t help but wonder….is this guy the next artist that will infatuate the world? He has no official awards to his name, and he has not topped any charts that we could find. His latest release was in 2014 from “Tate Music Group”, an independent record label that was forced to close its doors due to extortion and embezzlement by the owners. We found performances by him on both Channel Wreg 3 and Channel 24 Local Memphis Live…both spoke promisingly of him and his future when contacted. It seems to us that much of his future depends upon his art and the reception of its introduction. Since we overall like him and enjoyed our conversations, his social media is as follows:

Instagram: @immarcellino
Twitter: @immarcellino
Facebook: facebook.com/immarcellino
Snapchat: @immarcellino

Below are the questions that we asked him and his responses:

Can you tell us about your music?
“Growing up in a musical family has certainly had its perks on my sound, I have a major appreciation of all styles of music. Rnb, Jazz, Pop, Country and even Rock. I like to combine these different styles and create something new while still maintaining a certain familiarity about it.”

Why do you create music?
“Music is an artform, it is no different than any artform today. Art is expression. The way something makes you feel. I create music and perform music for that expression. It’s a powerful feeling when you share a message and people can relate to it.

You’re an actor. What attracts you too acting?
“Being able to be different people, in different situations, with entirely different lives. It’s fun having the opportunity to not be me, not have my story. It’s hard to explain but I like the notion of having a different personality and a different backstory.”

You performed for the mayor of Memphis, how was that?
“Well, it’s certainly one of the high points in my career. I had to pinch myself to make sure it was true. I really enjoyed singing for him and hearing his political standpoints afterwards.