On the screen of Tamil film makers’ chamber in a meeting with Tamil magazine, screen screen bush talked about screen and vagina. It was asked whether there was something about which he did not care about the role of Aisha and the screen, which is known as a straight forward, “About Me There is something that he does not have access to constantly. When I took a firm stand in contact with him to talk to something through his genius, he was not accessible.

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Similarly, he helped the Kyori Administration Board to be targeted by the film community and said “I am not very important at school that I need to ask for the necessary participants.” You should ask them ( Aisha) Because he participated in the differences, not everyone. They have their own reasons. I can not represent it. And we should not force anyone to fulfill it. Is. ”

On the occasion when he asked that he did not care about Vijay, he said, “I have not left anything about Vijay. I like her quiet nature; It hurts thousands of words I like them, encouraged them and worked hard. They got them in response and in the way they managed to handle each other, they were able to satisfy their greatness. Measuring is probably probably I’m less than one thing.

In front of the acting, PS will come next to PS Maitran in upcoming coming. Samantha Akchanny played a female lead actress in the movie film.