Some Tips to Ignore the Most Common Event Planning Mistakes


Every management require planning to implement any process successfully. Many things can go wrong even how meticulously you are planning for an event. The main job of an event planner is to keep their eyes open each and every preparation right form the arrangements to the end of the event. You have probably done best to avoid any kind of mistakes. Know some tipes to avoid the most common event planning mistakes.

Do not overload the event with guest speakers

If you are planning to get one or two inspirational speakers into your event that is an amazing idea to go for. But overloading it with many guest speakers will be boring for audience as well as for the ambiance of the event. As we know, most of the people come in event for networking purposes, so plan the event with networking in mind. One of the most common mistakes is monotonous planning. To avoid this kind of mistake, make it time for networking and other activities.


Another misconception in an event is making an assumption that it will run successfully without any problem. Being an event planner, it is your call to check each and every arrangements twice. Don’t be sure without checking every planning and arrangements twice. Many things needs a re-check such as decoration, venue, food and many more to avoid any type of mistakes during the event. In event management companies, there are many teams to take care of assigned different tasks, but it will be only you for detailed re-checking.

Discuss the Plans with Clients

If you are employed on an event for single clients, make time to meet in person and talk about the plans. Clients demand to explain their events to organizers, and then you render what they want within the specified time-frame. Nevertheless, miscommunication tends to differences and this means nostalgic clients. Keep the clients upgraded with the plans and preparations; if there some arrangements the clients don’t like, you save time from making unwanted changes.

Have Plan B

Amid discourse with customers, let them know that you require an arrangement B to expect the unforeseen. Get ready for inevitability with customers, so they are still content with your administration paying little heed to what happens amid the event.

Be Prepared for Changes

There will be unforeseen changes amid the event. Botches have a tendency to happen amid arranging, yet sudden changes can likewise demolish timing and spending plan. Indeed, even a little change can influence the on-going procedure, time allotment, and in the end general cost of the event. Great event management planning, when utilized legitimately, can help you ascertain the financial plan and the results of any sudden change rapidly, and hence you can make fundamental alterations effortlessly.


To wrap things up, get a criticism instantly after the event. You might need to make note on your event arranging programming about things that you did well to make clients cheerful and different viewpoints you can enhance for the further event.