Being a newbie in the world of trade shows, walking into a giant opening keynote session and a giant expo is a daunting task. Attending a trade show conference means possibly encountering hundreds of booths. The conference will also most likely be jam-packed and can range anywhere from a few days to a week. As a result, your small booth may go unnoticed. Here are some helpful tips, that not only help you survive the conference, but also prepare you to thrive in it.

  • Get Your Approval

Conferences provide the opportunity to network with different people from all over the world. They give your company a chance to gain exposure and also for you to improve your communication skills. They are a great source to obtain fresh leads and also stay updated about your industry or field. Attending will also give you great ideas, thereby putting you at an advantage among your competitors.

  • It’s Best to Start Small

Become comfortable with conferences and trade shows by attending smaller and less intimidating events first. Typically, the Chamber of Commerce near you will have annual trade shows. Googling can help as well to find one close to you. Your community centre or local church can provide assistance as well. It’s best to start out small and gradually move up the ladder as it gives you experience.

  • It’s Best to Pre-register

Being early is the key, and it’s important to remember it. The show’s website will most likely offer an early bird deal. The steep discounts usually apply to those registering weeks and even months in advance. It’s best to hurry and get it done as soon as possible. Some even offer free tickets for colleagues who might be interested in the event. The pre-registered line tends to open early, so you can collect your badge as soon as possible.

  • Travel in Advance, If Possible

You may want to arrive in town before the show begins if you know your body doesn’t cope well to extended travelling. You also get a chance to find out which rooms your favourite shows are being hosted in, where the badges are available, and the restroom’s location. Most conferences are held over weekends, so it also saves you the trouble of taking a day off.

  • Booth Duty is Something You Absolutely Must Do

This one is for attendees who are also exhibiting at the trade show. It can be exhausting working the booth particularly during very slow hours. But, if your Company is paying the bill for your travel and to attend the show, showing up on time is the least you can do. Be careful not to skip booth duty as this might put them off.

Your first trade show displays shouldn’t end with you flying back home with a negative experience. Make sure to keep in touch with the people you meet at the conference or expo. It’s a good to connect with them through social media platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin. You can also reach out to them by emailing and letting them know it was a pleasure being acquainted with them. Also, add in that you’re looking forward to doing business with them in the future. Following up with them within a week can provide positive results.

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