Many individuals gag at the subjects which integrate numbers in them. The complexity of the concepts involved in them makes their mind dizzy. However, I am one of those individuals who love numbers. People are usually surprised to learn about it and ask me the reason for my inclination towards it. Apart from my love of play with the numbers and excel, there are certain reasons which I always highlight, they are:

Reason 1: Demanded Everywhere

Irrespective of the industry one belongs to, the demand of the accountant is everywhere. Money is involved and every business regardless of the size so the issues of its effective management, classification, summarization of its record, and more, are needed. This need makes it imperative for the corporations to hire individuals who possess the relevant nurturance i.e. degree as well as the experience. The demand for individuals withholding accounts and finance degree that is clear on the financial aspects and the tax involvement is high among the business associates. This makes it a preferred course choice among the students.

Reason 2: Forever Earning Prospects

Being an account and finance officer, you are bound to withhold the jobs for a very long time. The prospects of earning at a late age are also high among the organizations. It is because the more experienced you are, the more clear decision you can make. Companies seek individuals who are well qualified and enable them to make a sound financial decision because it is ultimately the aim to generate more profits.

Reason 3: High Returns

Being a degree holder in accounting and finance, there are great prospects that the pay you will get will be far more than the other peers who you have studied but have major in a different discipline. There are further seasons observed in the field which allows you to earn more money such as the end of the financial year where you are required to audit and assess all the monetary transactions made.

Reason 4: Reach to International Market

An accountant is needed everywhere. Being an accounting increases the prospect of one flying out of the place to other countries. Being associated with the MNC Corporation as an accountant allows you to dive deep into the international standards of accounting where you can also be positioned in the setup established in abroad.

Reason 5: Assistant in Market Fluctuations

Withholding the accountant or finance degree allows you to cater to the business need at the time when conditions are not well. You can pave the way out for the company to act in accordance with the legislative procedure in an efficient manner. This illuminates the company regarding the steps which can be adopted and avoided when experiencing market fluctuations.

Reason 6: An Option to Venture Out

Your degree keeps you ready to venture out on a new expedition. It allows the individual to start up a company perhaps a consultancy or you can be an independent accountant, have own physical firm, and hire others. You can also work for an academic writing providing company such as write my assignment UK, and more for earning some passive income.

Reason 7: Easy Employment Prospects

In contrast to the other benefits, the graduate in accounting and finance is usually employed earlier. Since money is involved in every field, the demand for it is high and therefore the probability that you will be hired earlier is more in contrast to others.

Reason 8: Paves Way for Other Disciplines

Yes, as an accountant or finance officer you can diversify your abilities scope. This will assist you to excel in varied parts of the business world. The transition to another department also becomes smooth through it.

The following reasons are what I always recommend them. It allows the individual to live their life on their own terms i.e. with freedom. The account and finance degree will always provide the individual with the well paying job.


Kellim Worthington is a financial manager and advisory, she also writes an academic blog. Her blog aim is to nurture the students on the complexities associated with it. Apart from playing with the numbers, she also enjoys cooking food for his family.