Admit it or not, decorative lighting is the jewelry of architecture. In both interior and exterior home design, lights that double as decors are essential because they provide your home an aesthetic appeal and create the ambiance and mood of a warm and cozy living space. In short, decorative lighting gives your home the sparkle and shine.

There are many different styles of decorative lighting to choose from for your home. However, looking for the best buy can be a difficult task. It is because you will not only have to select for lighting fixtures that will quickly catch the eye, but you will also have to consider its function. It is crucial to take note of this because many decorative lighting emits light rather poorly.


This article helps you learn some of the decorative home lighting fixtures from LampTwist to light and decorate your home.

Graypants Sun Pendant Light

Graypants Sun pendant light is undoubtedly the best buy for environment-friendly homeowners as it utilizes such materials as sturdy black powder-coated steel frames and handmade cardboard shades.


With its sun-shaped shade and unique light diffusion that provides a warm, modern alternative to contemporary plastic lights, the Graypants Sun pendant light is an attractive lighting fixture to hang on your kitchen island.

Dark Sangha Pendant Light

Another favorite for environment-conscious home designers, the Sangha pendant lamp made by Dark is recyclable and 100 percent eco-friendly. Through the slits between its wood-made shade, it scatters warm light on the walls and ceiling.


It is an excellent lighting fixture to display in large rooms if you combine the different colors and sizes to create a stunning effect.

Deer Head Wall Lamp

This deer-head-shaped wall lamp combines the classic deer head wall piece from the old days with a modern and functional twist. The wall lamp comes in two versions: the cardboard and the aluminum steel version.


It is an excellent addition to light any room. Whether you display it in a child’s bedroom to create a magical ambiance, or you put it on your dining area for romantic moments, this wall lamp is a perfect choice for you.

Kelly Wall Lamp

Creatively designed to go beyond the limits of a dome or half globe construction, the Kelly wall lamp is an excellent example of a modern indoor light.


Sphere-shaped, but cut in a way that does not represent a full or half dome, this wall lamp is a creative piece which strikes a balance between the hole-filled structure technique of lighting and the external bold colors of the lighting fixture.


Created by Studio Italia Design and is part of the Kelly Collection, the Kelly wall lamp provides light effects and shades for an attractive light distribution.

Dreizehngrad Swing 30/70S Floor Lamp

The Swing 30/70S floor lamp made by Dreizehngrad is perfect for a home or office setting as it is a decent lamp that produces the right amount of light for any productive activity. Its shade has a sliced veneer with a cross-section of 0.6mm.


Its intertwined strips of veneer exude passion and dramatic effects of both shadow and light in any room. When turned off, the Swing will look like a piece of sculpture because of its curvaceous body design. When you have this floor lamp, it is sure to be a top attraction in your home.

Kelly Sphere Floor Lamp

Designed by Andrea Tosetto and is part of the Kelly Collection, the Kelly sphere-shaped floor lamp is not only an excellent lighting fixture for your home, but it can also be individualized and used to furnish a room with its presence.


The design around the lamp made through a laser cutting system is so unique that it creates a sense of illumination that is both subtle and different in variety. You can place it freely on the floor or any tiled or carpeted area.

Louis Poulsen PH Outdoor Wall Lamp

This wall lamp designed by Poul Henningsen is a perfect choice for those homeowners who like their homes to assume a traditional look. It weighs 6.8 kilograms to allow for stability in an outdoor setting such as in the back or front of your house.


The Louis Poulsen Ph outdoor wall lamp has three shade system which is so apparent in its design that directs illumination downward. Also, the lamp fixture is copper-plated and has a matt white paint on the inside of the shade to emit a warm and equally distributed light.

Slide Cubo Outdoor Light

The Cube is multifunctional outdoor light made by Slide, an Italian brand established in 2002. Aside from lighting your patio, garden, and pool area, it is also used as a side table or stool and is ideal when you are drinking an aperitif beside your pool area.


You can choose a conventional bulb light or an LED version of the Cube. The LED version uses rechargeable batteries that can last 8 hours without needing a cable wire to turn on the lamp, so it is an energy-efficient alternative.


Decorative lighting provides a good deal of home improvement benefits. Without it, our home could never be duller. Hence, knowing the essentials of an excellent decorative home lighting is crucial to make a home that is better to live.


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